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It Never Goes Away But It Does Become Bearable

Updated on November 4, 2010

Can you remember all of the many times you felt that deep down hurt? The loss of a dear loved one, railroaded at work, bullied at school or work, the break-up of a marriage or any type of relationship? You loss your best friend; and I can go on and on. The point is we never forget tragedies and if you’re dealing with one now know that the feeling you are now having will become bearable. It will never go away or be forgotten, but, you will be able to move forward again.

I will never forget the day our door bell rang. I was 17 and the officer said my Brother had been shot. My poor Mother; I know my hurt was deep, but, her pain was much, much deeper. Then the day the phone rang to tell us of his passing and we all started fainting. What a deep empty pain. So yes, I do know pain in many forms, but I also know it does get bearable. I never thought at that moment I would be able to move forward. In fact I ended up in the hospital near a breakdown. However, guess what, it became bearable. We were able to smile again, we were able to speak his name again and quote his jokes again, and it got bearable. There are many types of hurt in life. That pains’ destiny falls in your own hands.


Relationships whatever kind it may be can turn into another great hurt.  How do you move on and make that pain bearable? You focus on you and find only positive things to fill your time with whatever that may be. Sitting around and wallowing in the pain doesn’t  make it better. Of course, you must have a period of mourning for whatever the pain may be so you can deal with your feelings, however, at some very soon point you have to let it go.


Weather the pain may be caused by a death or any type of loss. Remember while you did share moments with that person, you did what you could and shared your love the best way you knew how to. It’s now time to move forward. There is nothing you may be able to do about the situation at the moment, so move ahead and let life fall as it may. You may not have control over what has happened, but you can take control over your emotions and what will happen from here on. You can make it bearable if you give yourself a chance to.


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