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It seems....

Updated on August 5, 2016

It seems, I would have given you everything

For you I would have done anything it seems

It seems I'm willing to do anything to keep you

Keeping you happy was all that mattered to me it seemed

There's no one else that's taking your place, replacing you

It seems I can't move on, still dreaming about tasting you

Moving on is optional and I've tried that protection

Right now I miss you, your laughter, your connection

It seems I'm suffering, so what can I do girl

Love, good love, happy love first true love I've known

Both sides pulled away but that love hasn't gone

It seems I just want to hold you again

Smell you against me, breathe as one, take each other in

Hell maybe your life is well, even good

It seems still I want to make it better not just good

Don't want to go to far, yet wanted to steal you away from your world for awhile

It seems we are what we are either way hope you read this and smiled


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