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It's All The Rage!

Updated on December 25, 2012

Distractions A Plenty

Does the picture above look familiar? It should! I would just bet that you have seen this a time or two. You might be thinking to yourself, “Where’s a cop when you need them?” or how about, “What a complete numbskull!” Personally, I start thinking I wish I had a ray gun to disintegrate them so I and others would be safer on the road; a mission of mercy for the good of all!

Of course it isn't just cell phones that are distracting. I have driven down the road and seen a woman driving with her knees, while applying her bathroom sink’s worth of cosmetics. I was distracted just noticing the large pile of make-up that kept Maybelline in business. She actually had them on her dashboard. Then of course there is the guy reaching in the backseat for his CD case in order to change all of his six CD’s in his booming high performance stereo; all the while weaving back and forth between lanes reading to ensure it is the right CD with the right songs.

There are a few very good drivers on the road that happen to obey the rules as best they can, except they want to obey them so well, they don’t go with the flow of traffic. Instead of the highway speed limit, they behave like they are in a 25 mph school zone and are so careful they actually become the hazard. On the opposite end of that scenario is this one… The driver of the new sport utility vehicle that could monster truck his or her way through rush hour traffic, leaving the rest of us trying to survive our trip home squashed like the bugs at Mr. Speedy’s Mush-Bug Personal Truck Rally.

There are so many different distractions while people are driving that it can rarely be narrowed down to one thing that is the main source of the trouble. Cell phones were a good start; however, it may not tone people down from the usage while driving very much, because most people believe they are the exception; so here is my suggestion to help prevent distraction while driving.

1. Be aware of your own state of concentration. Is your focus actually on your driving and on the road? Or rather is your mind wandering to what you might have forgotten at the grocery store?

2. Make sure you have plenty of sleep. Without proper sleep the mind can wander, and you may not be fully aware of what is happening around you.

3. Have your cell phone turned off. You can check your phone at any time when you’re not driving. If you must have your phone on, and you must answer it, ensure your phone has Bluetooth capability so that you can answer those important calls while you have your hands free.

4. Give your fellow drivers on the road proper respect. Hopefully, they will follow in kind. Sometimes what it takes to make the changes is to be the example.

We can keep each other safer on the road if we are safe ourselves. There is never any hurry to get from point A to point B. For example, if were late getting to work it doesn't matter how fast you drive, you’re already late.


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    • JNedele profile image

      JNedele 5 years ago from Culp Creek, OR

      Thank you for reading my hub any commenting, Irish. It really is amazing, isn't it? The was a young man driving while working on his computer resting in the passenger seat. It's really too bad he couldn't use such multitasking talent someplace other than I-5. Has anyone else seen amazing roadway multitasking?

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      Very important hub. I am truly dumbfounded at the displays I have seen while riding down the road. I actually saw a man reading the newspaper while attempting to drive!