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Tips For Having Fun Being Single!

Updated on February 17, 2016

Try New TV Shows!

Have movie night with yourself. It can be more fun than you think. Buy some chips and chocolate and cuddle up with a blanket. I like to pretend the people in my shows are real and can hear me. It's also fun to find a show with someone you find attractive. If anyone came across me while I was having movie night, they'd hear me yelling "No! Be careful Oliver!!! Don't hurt your perfectness! I love you!" haha. Just have fun with it.

It's also fun to watch the pilot of a whole bunch of random shows and rate them. I actually keep a journal of every TV show, movie, and book I watch and read. If you're single and want to be in a relationship one day, then keep a hold of your entertainment journal and put a star by the shows you'd like to share with someone someday.

Do Something Different.

Instead of just going to the movie theater all the time, try something new. Look into getting a ticket to local live theater production. If there isn't an actual theater near you, check into school plays. High schools can put on some pretty decent productions. Make a night out of it. It's a more personal, unique, and artistic way to spend an evening.

Play Dress-up.

This sounds corny and you'll feel silly doing it, but it's a lot of fun. Dress up in crazy outfits and model for your camera. It's fun to post unexpected quirky pictures of yourself on social media. Actors get to do this every day, why can't you? Just be free and think outside the box. No one has to see you unless you want them to.

Take Lots of Pictures!

No matter where you live, I bet there are some hidden gems. Go local sightseeing. Start viewing things through the lens of a camera. Photography can really open up your mind to beauty. Take a walk in the town square, the city park, or school campus. You can always edit and change the lighting later and improve your photographs. You can make a scrapbook! There's beauty everywhere. Go find it and capture it!


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