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Taking timeout to love yourself

Updated on May 11, 2015

It's my time to's all about me now.

 Something inside me woke up in these past two months and I realized that I was abandoning the one person who should love me the most...ME.

In the past years I have been so busy making everyone else happy and catering to their needs that I forgot about what has to come first for anyone, male or female to be a complete person. I forgot to love and cherish myself. When my doctor told me I was in the last stages od COPD and the prognosis is about 10 years, I thought back to all I have accomplished in my lifetime and I am proud. I have accomplished much and helped many, I believe that was God's pupose for me . But I forgot that I needed to take care of me too. That without the same loving care that I give to others , I can't be whole myself. There is so much I still want to's my time to fly, to shine , to live life to it's fullest. It's all about me now!!

I want to live again, laugh again and to love again...completely. With all my heart and soul ....but first I must love me.


Growing My Wings

Growing my wings is going to be a little harder than I thought...don't worry I will get there. I have some personal growth to accomplish before I can fly, emotionally, spiritually and other aspects. I need to learn to appreciate myself for who and what I am. I need to love me just the way God made me. I need to be comfortable in my body the way it is, stop comparing myself with others , aquire a sense of humor that I used to have and find my own happiness and peace of mind that only comes with appreciating yourself. I need to be healthy both mentally and physically. I need to learn to say no and not feel guilty and mean it, not take on more than I am capable of carrying and put me first. I need to take time out for me, for long candlelit bubble baths, listen to music that soothes my heart and soul and dig deeper inside myself to find out who I really am and what it is that makes me genuinely happy. Return to the things that made my heart leap and put that spring in my step. All of the things that made the person I was and need to be again to be whole. Much more than that I need to be closer to God and ask his help when I truly need it....oh and to remember to praise him and thank him for what he has already given me. As I write little by little I can feel my spirit lift. I need to come back to and appreciate me for the kind and loving person I am and have been. For the ability that I have to love and give and care for others....but most of all I need to appreciate ME!!

Do you take time out to appreciate yourself?

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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I like your new attitude. It's so difficult to think of self when we're so busy.I feel much closer to God and find that i love to write poetry. I believe that's so important..find something you like to do and make time to do it. Best Wishes.

    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

      One of the things I've had a hard time with, is comparing how I used to be in the past. Like you said, learning to accept ourselves how we are, and where we are, at this place and time. Then it will be easier for us to move on to better and greater things:) I too, have to work on making quiet time, with and before Our Lord GOD:) He is the one who gives us strength to face our days:) So glad to see you with renewed hope!

    • Tammy L profile image

      Tammy L 6 years ago from Jacksonville, Texas

      Very well put. It was a lot easier to stop and appreciate the little things and even yourself 40 or 50 years ago than it is now. God gives each one of us a special talent. Sometimes it takes nearly a lifetime to figure out what that special talent is.

      God Bless