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It's Time To Start Sweating The Small Stuff Gentlemen

Updated on August 15, 2015

Give it all you've got.

Relationships take work, if you aren't will to put in the time you will get very little out of it. Love is made up of all of the small things you do for each other everyday without the small displays of love a relationship crumbles. But you may be asking yourself..."What are the small things?" Well in this article I have given you a description and example of how to remind your partner that you care. Even if your significant other claims these things aren't important to her but I can almost guarantee that if she is saying that its because she isn't getting them. Although a relationship can't be one sided and both people have to make an effort here are some tips for the gentleman's half.

"You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I've every had." -Nicholas Sparks
"You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I've every had." -Nicholas Sparks

Never forget to say I love you.

Three small words can leave the biggest impact on somebody. Being reminded every day that there is somebody who loves you can get you through the hardest of days. It doesn't have to be for any special reason, just tell your significant other you love them regularly. She will never have to question how you are feeling being sure of your feeling can help build trust in the relationship. There is never a bad time to remind your partner of your love for them. Three words can end an argument, break silence, and mend a loved ones heart. Its one of the smaller things that take minimal effort but have the biggest impact.

Act like a gentleman.

Although the times have changed since this was a requirement for men it is still appreciated and valued among many women. This can be something as simple as opening her door or pulling out her chair for her. Instead of going dutch when the bill arrives pay for her meal. Carry the groceries in for her. You aren't expected to do this every waking moment but this small act every so often is effort that will not go unnoticed. Relationships are give and take if you try a few of these actions your wife/girlfriend/fiancee will be more willing to do caring things in return like doing your laundry, or making a special dinner. Either person can initiate these actions but if one side stops participating it won't take long before both people have stopped doing these things.

Compliment Her.

If your partner has changed her hair, bought a new outfit, or got her make up done there is a pretty big chance she will be hoping you notice. So let her know she looks good. Remind her shes beautiful because every women deserves to be told she is beautiful. I have found that the most meaningful compliments come when I feel I look my worst. No make up, hair dirty, looking a complete mess and knowing it. But the second my fiancee looks at me and tells me I'm beautiful I feel completely put together and comfortable with myself. Even if she doesn't need the assurance that others may crave I doubt she will turn down a compliment from the man she loves. In long term relationships when you reach a level of comfort with your partner its easy to forget the things you used to do when you were still newly dating. But its important to remember that the way you spoke to her and made her feel are things that made her fall in love with you in the first place.

"Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you."  -Loretta Young
"Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you." -Loretta Young

Make a date night.

Whether it is a night in where you make dinner together, you go out and see a movie together, or just go out and have dinner it is important to plan regular date nights where you do something specil together. It is easy for romance to fade over time when you are both busy with work and other obligations but it is important for both people to make an effort to keep that spark alive. Get dressed up and go out together. Plan a day out together where you don't let anything distract you. No distractions means that phones should be off, no checking Facebook, nothing. If you have kids then schedule a babysitter monthly or weekly to ensure that you stick to this.Even if you are financially hurting there are cheap or free date night ideas all over the internet. One place I have found that is helpful for cheap date night ideas is Pinterest. You can find every type of date that you would want and much more. This is also a great way to put in effort instead of money. Gifts from the heart mean so much more than store bought gift because it shows that you were willing to put in the time and effort that a relationship deserves.

Remember important dates/events.

Its easy for a memory to go cloudy remember dates when there are so many different important dates to remember in one calendar year but there are also millions of resources to help you remember them now. I get it we are all human but if it is a reoccurring thing then it will begin to look like you don't care. If you have trouble remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and even vacations or holidays with the family it would be a great idea to get something track dates. Yearly planners are useful if you can remember to consistently check it. If you work in an office you can leave it on your desk open to the current week. A white board can be useful if your unable to carry around or check a planner. Hang it in your home office or bedroom where you will see it everyday and update it periodically. One feature that has been added over the years is the ability to track certain date. It will notify you of the daily birthdays and you can even add your anniversary to your profile and it will notify you of that as well. This is a good choice if you spend a lot of time on social media or on the internet in general. The organizational options are endless so there is really no excuse for you to not remember important dates because there are millions of resources to help you remember so utilize them.

The best gifts aren't expensive.

Don't get me wrong I love diamonds, roses, and chocolates as much as the next girl but there are things that are so much more important than material items. Anybody can go to the store and buy expensive and generic gifts but it shows how much you care when the gift is more sentimental than expensive. A gift doesn't have to be an item it can be an activity or a romantic date. Pinterest is a good source for gifts as well. There are a large variety of DIY gifts on the site that can ensure the perfect anniversary, Valentines Day, or birthday. They have options for all different price ranges and options for special occasions. The more thought you put into a gift the more it will mean. This is where all of the random things your partner has told you comes in handy. Think deeply about their likes, dislikes, and hobbies then build your present idea around those things.

"The first duty of love is to listen." - Paul Tillich
"The first duty of love is to listen." - Paul Tillich

PDA doesn't have to be inappropriate.

We have all senn the couple that looks like they are glued together and should probably get a room. I totally agree with people who are grossed out by public displays of affection but it doesn't have to be vulgar or raunchy there are classy ways to show your girlfriend love in public. If you guys are walking around reach out and hold her hand. If she is cold offer up your jacket or wrap your arms around her. This shows her that you are willing to show everyone that the girl with you is your girlfriend not just a girl you hang out with. Jealousy is a problem all couples will face at least once in your relationship. There is something comforting about a man grabbing you or holding your hand when he notices other girls checking him out. It can give such a confidence boost just by showing your proud to be with the person you are with. Nobody likes being somebodies dirty little secret so take her out and show her off.

Make conversation.

When a couple has been together for good period of time then it can become hard to find things to talk about but it is important to just communicate with each other. When she comes home from work ask her about her day. If she says it was bad then listen to her vent. Most girls have girlfriends they can vent to but sometimes its nice to be heard by your significant other and supported. Being in a relationship means being your partner's rock or shoulder to cry on when they need you. When both of you have the time sit down and just talk about anything. How their job is going or things you have planned for the week. It doesn't have to be anything super important, small talk can even be acceptable as long as your making the effort. You can learn something new about your significant other every day no matter how long you have been together. Communication is incredibly important in a relationship and making sure you talk every day can really strengthen the lines of communication.

Never stop making her laugh.

Laughter is something everyone should experience multiple times per day. A good sense of humor can change everything about a person. Life can be unbearable without a smile or laughter so never forget to give your partner the gift of happiness. Whether you make her laugh tickling her, wrestling around, or telling funny jokes keeping a girl laughing should be a high relationship priority. Don't ever let the length of your relationship or the progression of your age get in the way of having fun together. A relationship has to be something you want and want to fight for so doing something as simple as keeping laughter alive between you two can be a reminder of why your fighting for this relationship.

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