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Women Seeking Women... Not Women with Men Seeking Women!

Updated on April 25, 2011

You Are Already Taken. Get Out of the Market!

Any Lesbian that has ever been out in the online dating world looking for a legitimate relationship will agree with me on the following:

We are sick, annoyed and frustrated by the pollution of those women that post personal ads online in the Women Seeking Women sections of dating sites when they are already paired up! And not just taken, but already have a partner... a man.

I have no problems with bisexual women that enjoy the best of both worlds. However, those of us with a one-track orientation, do not want to hook up with you and your man or let him watch.

Legitimate women-loving women have a hard time as is trying to find someone real, without her having any emotional or sexual attachments to someone else. These unhappy girlfriends, fiancees or wives of men seek a true, genuine and long-lasting relationship with a woman while the man is away. Seriously? What single Lesbian in her right mind will accept being involved with a woman that will not leave her man for her? Well, hey, if you have no problem watching your woman go home to her man, then more power to you!  Just sayin'.

Please, post somewhere else on the web and get out of our Women Seeking Women sections! Stop being greedy and selfish. You can't always have it all.

Just a rant, folks... Just a rant!


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