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It’s a guy thing – Indian Edition

Updated on July 23, 2015

Anand said it first, ”Babumoshai, Zindagi Badi honi chahiye, Lambi nahin” then came Alex Hitchens backing him up citing, “Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away”.

We all somewhere deep down believe that we are nothing but a sum of our own experiences; More often than not, we tend to overlook this incredible phenomenon.

Smallest moments, spent doing something totally discrete, commonly contribute to most of the sceneries down the memory lane.

Experiences – Good, bad, Pretty, Ugly, pleasant, hostile, planned, spontaneous – make us into the person, world knows by our name today.

Grown-ups say there is an age for everything; learning to ride a bicycle now, might not sound as interesting as it was, during the elementary years. Same applies here; while there are some experiences which should be taken at least once in a lifetime; there are few which should be done before reaching a certain age in order to get the most out of them.

I am in my early 30s and basis the above ideology, 2 weeks ago, I started working on a list of experiences all Men should cross from their to-do list before turning 35. As I was writing all the fun experiences, it occurred to me that I have been able to accomplish a few of them already. Therefore I decided to first do the inventory and make a list of experience one should secure before turning 30 and take the balance to the next list for the age of 35.

Here is the laundry list of 15 experiences guys should get before turning 30.

Leaving Home

First things first; Get out!

This is the first to-do on our list for a reason. This serves as the foundation for all the below experiences.

Ever heard the quote, “Plants below giant trees seldom grow”. You sure don’t wanna be sun starved all your life; letting your elders take decisions on your behalf. Leaving home exposes you to the real world and offers you a chance to shed your inhibitions and play on the front foot. Taking responsibility for your own decisions enables you to present yourself to the world in a new light. This in no way means to be a permanent separation from the loved ones; rather it’s about bringing you closer to your own self. So get out and get it, if you already haven’t.

Traveling Overseas

If there was a way to sound more intelligent than you actually are, this is it. And this ain’t supposed to be a five star holiday with parents with bit of a local culture thrown in. Traveling overseas is about getting to know the culture, the food, the history, the social norms, the traditions of the host location. Traveling transforms you into a person more open, more adaptive and remember, More Intelligent.

3 Lifetime Adventures

No Guts, No Glory; No Adventure, No Story. These are the adventures which will turn into your personal stories you’ll be quoting for the rest of your life; maybe even to your kids. These are the real moments which took your breath away. And no upper limit of 3 here; actually more the mightier. Got an adrenaline rush already?

10 Notable Holidays

Again no hard and fast around rule around the number here; higher the healthier. You don’t want me to emphasize on the significance of holidays in one’s life. This is an activity which shouldn’t stop after any age but surely does slow down a little after you take up the family responsibility. So make the most of it while you still have time. Need Bonus points – It will cover the most of the above point.

Adventure Sports

Ever heard of the term “Ageing”? We all are mindful of the fact that our body depreciates with time. The adrenaline blast which takes you high today might do some harm tomorrow. So it’s better to get the bone marrow while you still have teeth. They is a pool of activities to choose from – Sky Diving, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, River rafting, Mountaineering, Skuba diving and many more.

Go Goa

Beach, Bikini Babes, Booze, dance, dine, partying, water sports, cruise, cocktails, tanning, Prawn Curry, Kaju feni….Need I say more? This all comes with a disclaimer “Play safe”.

Road trip to Ladakh

Ever imagined why the flight tickets to Leh are on a throw away price mostly? The 9 hr. serene drive via Manali is all set to take your spirit to Cloud 9. The celestial splendor of the trails will leave you mesmerized enough to picture the quote “Happiness is a journey, not a destination”. Goosebumps already? This is a non-negotiable experience you must have in your arsenal on your 30th.


The gambling capital of the world. Doesn’t mean you need to be a great gambler to visit the place. They say, Las Vegas is the only zone on planet earth which looks shining from the space. It’s a complete package with Casinos, Clubs, pubs, bars, discos, restaurants and whatever else you can think of. All the establishments run their cabs on the road all night long. These cabs are your one stop solution for all your needs. Either you want to dine, drink, dance or do whatever just board one of these cabs from the road and be chauffeur driven to your destination, absolutely free of cost. Want a ride back to your hotel or somewhere else? No Problem, just call the same friggin cab. In other words, Las Vegas is true gift to mankind. Don’t have time or money to visit elsewhere? Just visit Vegas; it has miniature versions of world’s most cherished monuments. Wanna see Eiffel tower and Statue of Liberty in one day. Visit Vegas. But beware – What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Bonus Point – Road Journey from LA to Vegas and Vegas to Grand Canyons.

Enough of Holidays and traveling; let’s talk about some of the other areas of experiences now. Come on, don’t get boring yet; we’re talking R Grade stuff here.

Gentlemen's Club

Admit it. Those acrobatics on a pole look impossible on the laptop screen, right? A closer look would probably solve the mystery, isn’t it? Isn’t this the reason enough to pay a visit? All we can say is, go resolve the mystery yourself. It’s a definite guy thing you must have in your assortment on your 30th.

Stag Store

If you’re reading this article and still under 30, you’re most likely to be Unmarried. This is your time; visit the nearest store and explore yourself.


Let’s be honest here; We all have thought about doing it. Some couldn’t get a chance, some stuck to the morals and some didn’t get a chance and plotted it as a moral issue. Let’s not get into the technicalities of right and wrong and go get some when there is a chance. As long as all of you are agreeable adults, there shouldn’t be a challenge. You’ll have a lasting memory in your collection.

Enough of fun, huh? Let’s move on to the some more subtle aspects of life now.

Falling in love

Some say this is the most beautiful feeling in the world; a pure bliss. Ever imagined Kenny G putting the saxophone aside and playing the violin; The beautiful Mohabbatein Track? Some say it’s the most excruciating condition one can be into; the real pain. Remember ‘Emptiness’? Try for yourself and find out the truth. However be prepared for – Unanticipated waterworks, temperament fluctuations, Estrogen assaults, decreased appetite, increased weight, screwed up routine, infrequent showers, cluttered hair, beard turned stubble and many more unrefined experiences which come free of cost along with.

Live-in relationship

This gives you a practical side of love relationship. How strong does it stand when the basic nitty griities of daily chores are punched into the equation? Do you still love her ignoring the teething issues of ego clashes? It gives you a ground to plan a long term relationship with the perspective partner. Rather than straight away jumping into marriage thingy and finding yourself looking for a way out after 2 years, it’s better to do an internship to check your fitness for the job. But is this morally correct? Come on, Rabbi. If visiting Strip Clubs, enjoying lap dances and one night stands are kinda OK for you, this shouldn’t bother you either. As long as if you both are adults and mutually consenting, this shouldn’t be a problem. If the above stuff makes you go dizzy, steer clear of.

Get heart broken

“Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” statement can’t fit better anywhere else. When you’re young everything looks like the end of world. This phase prepares you for the unforeseen. This teaches you how to agree to disagree? How to be strong enough to let go? How to live without someone you thought will be yours forever? How to convert the intolerable pain of today into a dormant ache of tomorrow? This chapter makes you realize how falling apart of good things plays a significant part in better things taking place. This also makes you realize “All losses are not really losses”. Chocolates and Ice Creams would be your best friends during this period and before too long, you’ll not have her as the first thing on your mind when you wake up. Word of caution - Be thoughtful not to be hooked to some harmful coping mechanism during this stage of life.

AMI- Arranged Marriage Interview

This gonna be real fun guys; enjoy being grilled for something other than your academic grades and job performance for a change. Questions like if you booze or smoke? Are vegetarian or carnivorous? What time do you wake up in the morning? What time do you usually come back home? How often do you party? How much do you make and how much do you spend? Do you want a working or a house wife and why? Will be a few focus areas for your interrogation. You’ll also experience some hilarious judgments about yourself which you weren’t aware of before; If you have switched many jobs, you aren’t stable. If you have stayed with one employer, you don’t have exposure. Enjoy how they demean one’s profession with total subtlety. In all, it’s a truly entertaining opportunity you must cease before getting married which is very likely to happen if you’re 30 and living in India. Just don’t do it with an intention of hurting someone’s genuine feeling towards you. Only play along if you find yourself in such a funny position.

All done? Well not quite. Let’s have complimentary one. Upon ending this, And since this is last in series, it unquestionably isn’t last in significance; rather it’s the best one so far-

Getting your ideal physique

Your metabolism is peaking, your testosterone level are sky rocketing and the chicks are watching. If there ever was a perfect time to achieve those universally desired Six Packs, those 17 Inch Biceps or those chiseled shoulders, this is it. This is your ideal time to unleash you inner Adonis for the world to see and for you to take selfies. This would be your personal best shape which you’ll flaunt in photographs for the rest of your lifetime. And apart from looks, this well being is enough to give you a superhuman mood shortly after each of your workouts.

We all by now agree that Anand and Hitch were great men. We also can’t deny to the prominence of Aaliyah’s Lyrics, “Age ain’t nothin but a number”. This is a parallel reality supported time and again. Look at most of the movie actors, ramp models and sportsmen. They look, feel and do it like their younger selves; Rather in most of the cases seen, 30 was their launch actually. The tangible improvement in their respective careers, appearances, intellect and entertainment has been observed to be happening after them crossing their 30. So to wrap things up, don’t bother too much about turning 30 and carry forward the balance of this list to the next one prepared for the age of 35, like I gonna do now. Just be thoughtful of the element that chasing some of the above experiences now, might hurt your loved ones emotionally and may lead to grim consequences. So in my view, We’re better off barring those for good and take over the residual.

Amid 30-35, you’re in your paramount monetary and intellectual form so far and still adequately fit to kick some serious ass.

So get down and get it done because now is the time when -

you’re young enough to do it and old enough to do it right.


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