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I’ve Got An Idea, Let’s Discriminate Against Everyone

Updated on October 20, 2009


As a short Jewish man who has been in a relationship with a six foot black man who was once an altar boy for years, I know a little something about discrimination but this recent news story of an interracial straight couple being told by a Louisiana Justice of the Peace that he wouldn’t marry them because he felt that children from interracial couples had too rough a time of it in the world of course hit a little closer to home for me. Not that we have children (we’ve done our level best to try over the years, having lots of sex but as of now, no luck – I’m sure I don’t understand why). I’m ashamed to say that there was a small part of me that reveled in the fact that there were some straightees out there being denied their rights to marry. As a recently registered Domestic Partner I can tell you that my experience in the process had no shoes, no rice, no registering at Crate and Barrel but now we’re “partnered” in the eyes of the state of Nevada though we have no health benefit rights nor any federal rights that married couples have. Oh yeah, and if we move to a state that doesn’t recognize Domestic Partnerships then we just have a certificate from Nevada that means nothing unless we want to no longer be Domestic Partners and then we have to go through a bunch of legal crap. Anyway, the more I read and heard about the interracial Louisiana couple being denied the right to marry by a Justice of the Peace the more I began to think that the time is now. I’ve got an idea, let’s discriminate against everyone – Don’t Get Me Started!

The web is filled with people complaining about being denied this or that. In fact at times it seems as though blogs (and no, I’m not excluding mine) have become one very large high speed “comment box” – remember those? As they say, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one but the more you read what people have to say the more you discover that when people start talking about other people, it seems people are not all that thrilled with anyone who isn’t just like them. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that there’s that whole passage somewhere in the bible about God making man in his own image that hangs people up? Maybe they think that if God made them in his image than they are what everyone else should look like too but of course they never think that the people who don’t look like them were also made in God’s image and so either God is a chameleon who constantly changes his image (and sex) and creates people in all of his different images or the whole God made man in his own image is a load of crap. Whatever the reason, while I’d like to believe we all on huge Benetton ad from the 1980s, there seems to be a whole lot of hate out there by people who aren’t thrilled with people who aren’t just like them or at least look just like them.

So my idea is to just go ahead and just start throwing that discrimination around to everyone. It shouldn’t just be for minorities anymore. I think it’s good for white people to feel as though they have to cross to the other side of the street when they see a bunch of black people coming down the street. It’s a completely irrational fear but if they stopped and realized for a moment that they feel sort of discriminated against because they had to cross the street to walk down the street then maybe they’d start to discover how stupid and irrational most discrimination is and that in a way they’ve just felt discriminated against even though it was self imposed. They assessed the situation and decided that it would be better to walk on the other side of the street, right? But I’m sure a wacko like a Rush Limbaugh could convince his zany followers that the white people were discriminated against in this case.

My point is that the above scenario is silly, right? But isn’t someone telling a couple they can’t get married because of the children they might have just as silly? And by the way, I wonder if he would have married the couple if he found out they were sterile or couldn’t have children? Would that be okay to this moron? The problem I see with this Justice of the Peace, besides the obvious is that he works for the state and therefore he is supposed to work within the laws that were created by the people for the people and not just willy nilly make up his own laws, right?

But if a Justice of the Peace can get away with this ridiculous behavior I think we should all start doing it to show the people who most often aren’t discriminated against what it feels like. Let’s stare and tell people with more than two children that they’re freaks. No more shows about some weird Mormon family and their nineteen kids, let’s have shows about gay black people with no children doing nothing out of the ordinary. I’m going to start pointing and laughing at redheads because I’ve never been attracted to someone with red hair so why not make them feel bad about themselves? I’m going to call them, “Howdy Doody” or “Heat Miser” – sure maybe not as bad as being called “fag” but who wants to be called Howdy Doody? I’m going to start making fun of people who are big and buff. That’s right, they work so hard to be healthy looking and fit, I’m going to start miming body building poses when I see those kinds of people and then tell them they’re on steroids and have a forehead as big as a dining room table. When I see attractive people I’m going to look at them and act like I’m trying to tell them they have something on their face like a piece of food or something and then as they try to wipe it away I’m going to say, “Oh sorry, you didn’t have anything on you it’s just that face of yours. Ugh.” Ridiculous? You bet but at the heart of it, isn’t all discrimination ridiculous? I just think that there have not been enough people who have felt discriminated against so let’s get busy and change the world, kids. I’ve got an idea, let’s discriminate against everyone – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • CiscoPixie profile image

      CiscoPixie 8 years ago from I'm in a world of my own, but aren't we all?

      Gee thanks Scott! :-P I am a proud redhead *cough* anyway, you make a very good point and it just goes to show how shallow and narrow minded some people can be. I think that people should stop discriminating and let people live their own life!

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 8 years ago from Las Vegas

      Molly's Mom, I've been so worried about you, where have you been? That's me being a Jewish mother! Lovely to hear from you - thank you.

    • profile image

      Molly's mom...Ro 8 years ago

      Hi Scott.. I've been gone much too long. When I've signed on in the past few months I've been so busy.. but always have thought of you and how much I've missed reading you.

      Well today I made up my mind to sit and read.... and read I did. I missed so much. After this HUB I am hooked on you once more. Now I have to back track and read all I've missed. Here is to you and your great work..