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Just Loving Me

Updated on August 10, 2016

Just Loving Me

I can’t blame anyone for my sorrow. I didn’t take care of you that way I was supposed to. I ignore your feelings every chance I got. Not once I stop to ask you how you were doing. Nor to see if you agree with my plants. I never really listen to what you had to it said. I always rush through my decisions without counting on you. Therefore this are the consequences of my actions. I’m the reason to your tears, I gave you the reasons to run away from me, I push you to the edge into I was left all alone. I no longer have you by my side to guide me into the right path. I take advantage of you in so many ways. I was reckless with your soul.

Not once have I show you appreciation for what you done for me. You and I were one, now is just me. I’m all alone without you by my side. I can’t think straight any more, things don’t make sense to me. I depend on you for everything. When I fall down you pick me up, when I wanted to let go you motive me. Now I look in that mirror, and I no longer recognize my own reflection. I focus on everything else but you. I’m really sorry for not caring, nor loving you that way you supposed to be love. I’m deeply sorry for feeling worthless, I’m sorry for not looking at the bigger purpose of my life. I’m most deeply Sorry for pushing you away.

From this moment forward, I will let the light bright on us, I will be more spiritual and caring. I will give you everything I once took away from you; from us. I’m here now and I won’t ever turn my back on us. You and I are one; we are soul mates for life. We belong together in good and bad. I would never wound myself again, by not loving you. I’m happy that I was giving a wake up call. I no longer need space between you and me; because when we are apart we grow weak, but when we are together we are invincible. You got that strong will that I need to stand and keep faith within myself. I need you to know Meriyen that I will always love you, respect, and admire you. You are number one in my life. I will heal stronger.

This is my promise together we will success and we will prevail. Let me let you in my little secret, you and I are one. Welcome home, don’t you ever run away from me again, you found me.

Your soulmate Meriyen Marquez

© 2012 Meriyen Marquez


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    • La venezolana profile image

      Meriyen Marquez 20 months ago from NYC

      I just finish editing this poem from 2012...thank you.

    • La venezolana profile image

      Meriyen Marquez 21 months ago from NYC

      Thank you, I haven't been in hubpage over two years now. I'm glad I found this comment. Thank you.

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 4 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Thank you for following me back. This very sweet and very moving. Wanting to be back in the life and the arms of a loved one is something we all feel and wish for at some point. And we hate losing those we love the most.

      Your writing is wonderful. It needs a some editing for spelling and missing words, ( your hubs will rise more and score better) but that aside, (and please don't take it as criticism as I loved this hub too much...) this is very heart felt and honest and spoken from the heart... the place where our voice really speaks from. Cheri is right, as she said above... this is very deep. We understand what is in the heart of this voice.

      In the end, the world needs honest voices who speak from the heart, and you do this so well. That is the most important thing. The "You Found Me" at the end is so moving. This sounds like two souls that need to be together.

      You sold me. :)

    • Heart Felt Book profile image

      Cheri Taylor 5 years ago from New York, NY

      very deep my love!!!