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January In The Line of ASTROLOGY

Updated on February 16, 2019

Born in January

Aquarius Star
Aquarius Star | Source

January In The Line of ASTROLOGY 21th Dec to 20th Jan

The newly sun of Jan: 2016 has risen with giving lights, snowing, and destinations for all over the world. From the post centuries the scholars as well as all talented people always given their suggestion for the life of human having concerned with horoscope, the message of development with the references of the birth impression, along with the impression of the different varieties of valuable GEM on the physiology of human being, which follows the people for the betterment and guidance through the horoscope for the bright future. The horoscope plays the important role in the knowledge of human beings.

I, myself submit few lines for the interest of my readers. The gift of horoscope for the new year 2016.

The Roman people affixed the name of the month January after their “ DIVINE” JANUS having two heads, who was the king of battle as per Roman Theory. The worship “ JANUS” during their any war but not in the days of peace. Even the Romans before commence of their every newly job, they believe that, their JANUS was a grand watchman of the gate of their HEAVEN. For which the Roman ever try for checking their benefits & losses which depends upon their religions thinking’s. They make their planning’s according to the results of their post for their next coming future.


Although the duration of the Capricorn takes start w.e.f 21st DEC: to 20th JAN. All the youngsters and elders male & female who born in 21st DEC – 20th JAN , they belongs with planet star known as SATURN Having number eight (8). Properly the number of concerned people feel unhappy and disappointed while their faces seem very cool & tuff but in fact they always help others and ever try for the betterment of their concerned. They like lonelyness and never except the co-operation of any other for their personal life style is a different having troubles & problems in that they always want to use the old manners for resolving their own matters and want to going forward according to their own wishes. They are absolutely hard worker and want to get more & much benefits in their life for doing so. They never faith on the lot of people but cooperate with a very few whome. They know well & good very near to them. My special advice for this nature people is that they have need to leave all the hates from their mind and always try to be happy for which they can be good persons of culture. These people always like the truth and use very sympathetic words everywhere in their massages and general speeches using the humble language. Some time they become very bold and use as they desire. Amongst them which believe strongly in religions. They oftenly take action as insanty. They have need to take care from all that as not a single religion except all the wrong at any time in the world. These people have stomach diseases, teeth diseases and bones problems in their bodies. Their favorable colors are Brown, Green, Golden, Light Blue and gray. The required Jewels, Gem according to their nature are ruby, emerald, turquoise and pearl. Their favourate metals are gold & platinium and suitable day is Saturday.


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