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Jaw Dropping Wedding Gifts for your Lovely Bride To Be

Updated on October 17, 2015

Jaw Dropping Wedding Gifts for your Lovely Bride To Be

We know what you're thinking... When it comes to getting your bride a wedding gift, you may be in love with her and can't wait to ride off into the sunset together, but each expectation and tradition that comes with walking down the aisle is more than you ever anticipated. You may want to complain or pull your hair out, but take it from a girl in the know, the truth of the matter is that there's no getting out of buying a wedding gift unless you want to start your marriage off of the wrong foot. What's that saying, again? "Happy wife, happy life."

To find the right gift that will sweep her off her feet so you don't have to yourself, there are a few ideas that will be sure to impress your fiancee and all of her bridesmaids before you become husband and wife.

Light Up Letters

Your new bride may always complain that you're not the best at communicating, but she'll be convinced that you're a changed man once she sees your display of Light Up Letters on the wedding day. You can convey a romantic message for a great photo-op that will make for an good start to the day by using Light Up Letters for Hire. These can be used at the venue or even outside her front door when she's leaving for the wedding. You'll be able to customize a phrase or specific word that is spelled out.

Light Up Letters are a unique way of showing your love and appreciation before you say "I do." It will enhance the sentiment of the event and help her cold feet to get warm again. Instead of picking out a traditional item that is overpriced and anything but surprising, she'll be impressed that you chose something unconventional but truly unforgettable.

Although you may be tempted to crack a joke with the letters because you've been spending too much time with your groomsmen, it's best to swoon her all over again with a romantic message that leaves her teary-eyed. Opt for a special saying that you tell one another or consider spelling out a nickname that you have for her. The personalized message will likely cause her makeup to run as she begins to cry, which you'll be responsible for.

Engraved Jewellery

By now, you may have learned that you can never go wrong by giving jewellery to your significant other even if it's incredibly traditional and expected. You may not understand women, but everyone is aware that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Whether you made a huge mistake or are trying to win her back after a fight, jewellery can make her forgive you in an instant. You may have to pay it off with your annual bonus, but it'll be worth the smile it puts on her face. You can choose to give an engraved bracelet with your initials on the item or even pick out an eye-catching necklace that she can wear after the wedding. It definitely beats getting a tattoo with her name on it just to show her how much you love her.

A Surprise Honeymoon

What better way to begin your marriage together than by swimming with dolphins or snorkeling with sharks? You can escape to a far-off land where it's just the two of you after you say goodbye to your wedding guests and tip all of the vendors. You'll finally be on the island that you have on your screensaver and have daydreamed about for years.

Consider giving her a surprise honeymoon that makes her feel pampered by giving her an envelope with your airline tickets in it. Once you arrive at the destination, she may want to spend more time at the spa than in the water, but you'll be the man of her dreams for the next few years until it's time to up your game again.

Choose a location where you know you both can relax without worrying about traffic or crowds. The surprise honeymoon will be a nice break from the stress that comes with being engaged and planning the event of a lifetime. You'll be able to finally get a break from the outside world and feel like all of the hard work with wedding planning finally paid off. You never know, the honeymoon may be even better than the wedding day.

Memory Scrapbook

You may not be Martha Stewart, but it's time to play pretend for your bride's sake when it's time to give her a wedding gift that will make her jaw drop. We're not asking you to get out your grandmother's glue gun and floral paper for this one, but you'll need to embrace your feminine side for an hour or two. Opt for creating a photobook online through a website that can print the book for you and ship it straight to your home. Many different photo websites make personalized photobooks that allow you to upload pictures and place them on different pages of the book before it's printed.

Scan your Facebook photos and look under your bed to find old pictures of you both back in the first days of your relationship together. Consider writing special memories below each photo to show her that you put more than five minutes into the gift. By placing all of the sentimental moments in one keepsake, your new bride will fall in love with you all over again for a book that she can keep on the coffee table for the next 60 years.

Firework Finale

Your future wife may have felt fireworks the first time that you both kissed, which makes it important that you recreate the moment in a literal manner. Hire a few professionals who are experienced and licensed to work with pyrotechnics to light a few fireworks into the sky and impress everyone at the wedding.

There are few things as jaw-dropping and romantic as planning a stunning firework finale when your wedding is about to come to an end. It will not only make for a spectacular event, but your bride will be speechless before she hops in the getaway car. Consider hiring a professional company that can legally set off fireworks in the sky for a show that will be seen from miles away. You'll need to check the local codes and ordinances in the area of the venue to ensure that you won't be fined for the wedding gift, but the extra work will pay off once the fireworks are set off. You may need to tap into your 401k with this one, but it'll make for a story you can tell for the rest of your lives.

This will make for an incredible memory that allows your wedding to stand out. Your bride may catch on that you're trying to butter her up before you head to the honeymoon suite, but it will still make for a unique and over the top gift that allows her to feel like royalty for a day.

For the ultimate cherry on top, ask the DJ to play a romantic song as the fireworks begin and make sure that your wedding photographer is ready to take a few dozen photos of the show so that you can remember it for a lifetime.

Love Serenade

You may not be able to carry a tune, but if you serenade your wife on your wedding day, you'll win the hearts of her and all her bridesmaids the minute you get on the mic. Take a few singing classes if you have to and brush up on a few romantic songs for a sentimental way to show that she's the only one for you.

If you want to go the extra mile, dig out an instrument to play along with as you sing and stare into her teary eyes. Using a guitar is most ideal. Your days of playing Guitar Hero will finally pay off and will allow you to win your wife over once again.

All flutes, trombones, and ukuleles should absolutely be avoided - unless of course you wish to do an excellent interpretation of a Mexican singing waiter on your wedding day.....

A Framed Photo

You may view framed photos in the home as just another item that will begin to collect dust, but to women it's something to show off and feel proud of. It may be a photo at SeaWorld or even a picture of the ocean, but either way it means something to your special someone.

Although a photo may just be an old memory to you, trust me, it'll speak 1,000 words to your future wife. As a woman, she'll likely know and remember every single word and sentiment that the photo conveys. Either way, it's important to blow up an old photo of you both and have it on display at the wedding when she walks down the aisle or sits down to eat at the reception. It may be annoying to try and get it home in one piece, but it'll mean more than giving her a designer purse or even a pair of pearl earrings.

When it comes down to the crunch, whatever your wedding gift of choice on the day, with enough forethought and sentiment attached, it will sure to be a gift cherished for years to come.


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