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How to overcome Jealousy

Updated on June 13, 2013

Love and Jealousy

Jealousy and You

After having a wonderful conversation with someone regarding their very close friend jealousy issue over their spouse’s friend, I began to ponder reincarnation and our spouses. This got me thinking about what would happens if we reincarnate together again, however just as friends. This led me to focus on how jealousy fits into all this. It is my belief that we might not consistently incarnate as wife and husband each life time. There might be occasions we could decide to reincarnate as best friends, be it same gender friends or not. I do appreciate for some just thinking about this can usher in anxiety, as well as others who are reading this do not believe in reincarnation. Your belief in it or not is not important. Jealousy will still plague you and destroy you. Continue to read to find out how. .

We do not want another to be with our beloved. Aren’t we naturally obsessive, possessive and jealous creatures? Our fears will constantly choke us with our belief that we do not measure up. How often do you worry that you might not answer all your mate’s needs? It is because of our fear that our green-eye-monster reveals itself. The green-eye jealousy monster is our low self-worth and self-esteem. This is where we create monsters in our heads, and a close bond with the opposite sex is often seen as a forbidden sin. Our green-eye monster leashes out and becomes very controlling and abusive in our relationship. This abuse is more often emotional and mental, but also there is physical. Its purpose is to keep our partner beneath us, so we continue with our silly accusations and humiliating our partner. It is the only way many know to feed their ego, so they delve deeply into this jealous green eye monster.

Jealousy destroys relationship


Stopping the Green Eye Jealousy Monster

Conquering the green eye monster with the knowledge of soul groups

What though would happen if we saw our world in the pattern of soul groups? A soul group is a number of spirits that work together, be it on earth or on spirit planes. This group usually has karma to deal with, as well as dharma. Karma we know is balancing out a personal cause and effect, while dharma is balancing out a world cause and effect. It is good to keep in mind that we are not here just for our own personal journey. We are also a part of the Cosmic Source, and this is broken off into groups. People tend to repeat the lesson of jealousy, without realizing this issue is dealt with on more than our private world. Jealousy is a universal condition, which is linked to so many criminal acts in our world. It is part of so many misunderstandings. There are people who do not even want to be with the person they are with, but refuse to let go because of jealousy.

Reincarnation and jealousy can provide us with another view. If we can step back from our habitual thinking and add the concept of reincarnation, we can see jealousy is weakness that we have chosen. We are trying to figuratively cut the arm off of our soul group. In doing this, we are denying the growth our group needs. Isn’t this an interesting way to view life? As I was thinking about this, this morning, I did smile that my late husband’s closest friend was also mine. We were the three musketeers in many ways, and neither of us were denied the growth necessary for soul and soul group growth.

Best friends does not imply sexual desire

I have had best male friends throughout my life. The majority of them were rather good looking, but my sexual desire was always with my late husband. This has been the way I have always been, even with relationships prior and after my husband. Best friends do not need to lull over a relationship as a threat. If you can see this as being part of your soul group, and that jealousy is a part of the ego needs, you could live life happier. There is no one who can be everything to me, nor me to them, and this is why we have close friends. I am not bisexual, so female friends are never a threat, but male friends have been to a few men I was dating. Jealousy and I do not mix well. It depletes the energy of any relationship. I puts your mate in chains. Do you wish to live in chains? Jealousy is ugly. You do not look pretty being jealous. He does not love you more because he has a jealousy streak. He wants to possess you in a way that will stifle you. You want to stifle another too, if your green eye monster is out and about. This is not love. This is poison. This is a way to feed the fears, versus overcoming your low self-esteem.

The green eye monster is not your friend and if this is what you wish to give your mate, than you are not his friend but his jailer, devil and dressed in clothes of Satan. Even if you do not believe in reincarnation or soul groups, all you are offering anyone is a fatal dose of poison. . So the next time you laugh because you have a jealous mate, or are the jealous mate, remember you are not really jealous. You are playing the game of your low self-esteem. This game shows everyone how little control you have over yourself, or anyone. You are only the green eye monster who is govern by their fears.

Love without Jealousy


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