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Jealousy can it be cured?

Updated on February 14, 2013

The green eyed monster

Can jealousy be cured, how does someone change if its deeply rooted into some ones being?

Having spent time in relationships where the green eyed monster has caused many an argument and in fact ended the relationship- with age and experience I am not any closer in establishing whether it can be stopped if a partner suffers from it.

Should you just run away from anyone that shows excessive jealousy?

If your telling the person that your with that you love them with all your heart, want to have a future with them and never give reason for the jealousy to boil over it becomes unbearable when it constantly rears its ugly head.

Do you think someone can change from being a green eyed monster

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Is it OK to keep pictures of old flames

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Is a little sign of jealousy OK to show that the person loves you

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