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Writing A Best Man Speech

Updated on August 21, 2016

So You Need To Write A Best Man Speech...

I have been in your shoes before and was so nervous about giving a best man speech. Now that I've done it a few times (and even paid for some professional assistance) I decided that I'd share some of my top tips.

The whole procedure and speech can be quite challenging initially but hopefully this article will help - I have also included some other resources that I discovered to be helpful.

A wedding speech is hard as it includes entertaining the wedding crowd and trying to make them both laugh and cry, while paying tribute to the recently married husband and wife on one of the biggest days of their lives.

So, let me begin with just what you need to do to prepare your speech.

Preparation For Your Speech

To start with you need to write down all your ideas regarding the couple – this should probably be pretty easy – due to your relationship with them, particularly with your friend the groom.

Begin by thinking back to your past from when you first bumped into the groom as well as think about your connection chronologically until today - thinking of amusing lines as well as events that occurred.

When you have actually jotted this down, this should be the foundational basis for your best man speech and you are likely to develop your speech around this. But first there are a few other areas to cover.

The Best Man Speech Opening Section

The most important things to include in an introduction to a best man's speech are:

  • Give thanks to the crowd for participating in the wedding
  • Explain your relationship with the groom
  • Warm up your audience while making sure to avoid negative remarks.

Your very first line needs to be stated in a loud as well as forceful way to get the focus of the crowd on you.

It is also essential to thank the host and the wedding crowd before getting further into your speech.

At this point you can choose to offer a famous quote about life together as a married couple or give a simple joke to capture the crowd's interest more.

Starting the speech in this fashion is very important - after this all the wedding crowd knows who you are, exactly how you know of the groom as well as have actually been prepared for the enjoyable ahead.

The Mid Section Of Your Speech

The brainstorming and also prep work you executed is for this part of the speech - this is where your jokes and lines go.

Try speaking about both the new bride and her new husband so that your speech is balanced. For example, tell the story about how the newly married couple first met, and how you've seen them cultivate their relationship.

But do not go too far - nothing that would be offensive or would not be approved with everyone in the audience.

As the best man, you clearly know the groom very well - but you ought to know that talking only about the groom isn't really smart - try to discuss both the groom and bride if you can.

Around two to three lines works best - make sure not to make this section too long.

In addition to this, there are certain things that are to avoid - previous relationships and anything related to the groom being with other women ought not to be in your speech.

Another is adult language and also grown-up material - bear in mind that there will certainly be senior individuals and possibly also youngsters there in the wedding audience.

The final issue to note regarding this section of the speech, is that you ought to not replicate old jokes from the internet and aim to speak from the heart.

Concluding Your Speech

A great deal of emphasis for the end of the speech is surrounding the speech toast - but there is still a piece to come before this.

As the wedding toast is an offering by the entire wedding crowd, you should first of all personally congratulate the couple on your own. Say something about exactly how fantastic they are with each other - it must be your very own individual wedding toast to them.

Once this is done, at this stage can you proceed with the crowd wide toast bringing in everyone else.

Wrap up your speech with a quote, toast or nice blessing for the newlyweds. Keep it simple and sincere - do not go over the top here and undo all the hard work you did in getting to this point!

Wait! This Is Only Just The Writing Part...

You must get your speech to the point where you believe that it is satisfactory.

But you definitely need to leave time for further preparation.

Make sure and start writing your speech as early as possible so as to get more time for practice.

After you have actually tested out practicing your speech over and over once again by yourself, get someone you trust to practice it aloud to.

The reason why reading your speech so many times is necessary is due to the fact that this will help you memorise the speech to make sure that you are not merely reading it with your head down.

This is the final and also most crucial step in a best man speech - now you are prepared to give a remarkable performance.

Thanks for reading and best of luck on your best man speech!

References And Resources

As I mentioned, I wrote this because I have been best man many times and given several speeches.

Here are some of the top resources and places I found good information for giving a speech:


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