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Jordan's Bio

Updated on July 29, 2011

This was written by my father. I love him very much. He is an incredible dad, and every day I think about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful person to look up to in my life.


Biography of Jordan

Not sure I can show it to you but I actually have it on video.   That’s right, the very first time Jordan entered a room she lit it up and I captured it all on film.  Ever since, Jordan’s been lighting up rooms for the benefit of all.  You see, my daughter, has the rare and remarkable character trait of truly caring about others.  She applies it instinctively, intuitively, selflessly and lovingly.  Yes her smile and joy of life lights up our world but so too do her emotions.  Jordan often serves as our mirror and soundboard, reflecting back the hurt, pain, humor, love and joy around us.  Sure, I can tell you how beautiful she is on the outside, how bright and quick witted she is and these are all great pleasures.  I can also tell you that she’s very human and has all the imperfections that accompany this journey.  I could take up space with trite stories of her second grade play, her singing and dance recitals and other obligatory recollections of an aging father.  Truth be told, I’ve never had the patience or focus to be in the present during the life moments of her unfolding.  I regret that.  But I what I have “seen” is that at the core of her nature and her gift to humankind is an unconditional love and concern for others that only an old and highly evolved soul comes here with.

Jeffrey B.


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