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Just Because Gifts For Him

Updated on November 11, 2013

My daughter in law wanted to buy a gift for my son to thank him for looking after her so well while she had been ill. She wanted to buy him a little something that said “thanks for being you”. She couldn’t decide what to choose for him so we came up with the plan that I would ask him for some ideas that I could get him for Christmas. This way we could gather ideas for both of us and he would get something he really wanted but would still have the surprise of not knowing which gifts we would choose.

In the past I have asked friends and family to create an Amazon wish list which is a great idea for many reasons. You can be sure they’re getting a present they really want, you can get it delivered directly to them which is handy if they don’t live close by and you can even get it gift wrapped and sent with your personal message. It takes all the guess work out of gift buying and is a quick and easy way to shop.

Anyway, back to the business of buying something for my son. My daughter in law took a look at the list and chose the suggestion of a necklace. As he likes anything macabre and spooky, she set about looking for one with a skull or dragon pendant or just anything scary! She had a browse through the selection on Amazon and found that other people must have the same tastes as my son as there was a good range to choose from.

She eventually chose the necklace pictured above (this is just the pendant, he already has a chain). This one is the perfect choice as it combines two of his favorite themes, a skull and a pirate. The skull covers the creepy, macabre aspect and as he is a great Johnny Depp fan (seen all of the movies many times!) the pirate seemed fitting too.

Make Your Own Necklace

If your budget is tight then you could have a go at making your own necklace. I found this video which gives clear, simple instructions and ideas. If you have an interest in crafting then this would be right up your street. It also makes your gift more personal and original.

Easy to Follow Guide to Make a Necklace

A Few More Gift Ideas

Here are some more ideas that my son suggested. They’re all reasonably priced and make great “just because”gifts, the perfect way to show your man much you care.

Cologne makes a nice gift and it’s something that always needs replenishing. You could treat him to his usual cologne or go along to the mall and try some different samples and choose one that you like! These days men are more aware of the need to look after their skin and so you could add some moisturizer or maybe some bath/shower products.

There are some fun phone cases available these days with all kinds of different themes to choose from. My son would love one with a skull or maybe a dragon on, and if it’s sparkles that would be even better! A phone case is not just decorative it can also be very useful for identifying each family members phone. Sometimes mishaps can happen if your phones all look the same, like the time my husband took his phone and mine to work with him!

Does your man like a good read? If so he would love for you to get him the latest novel by his favorite author or maybe a book about his hobby or interest. If you like to read you can both snuggle up together on the sofa with a book and a mug of hot chocolate on a cold winters night.

If you’re a bit stuck for a good idea then why not give them an Amazon gift card? It is something that anyone would be grateful for, there’s so much choice to spend all that free money on! The man in your life will have great fun surfing for his gift and you’ll be happy that he’s got exactly what he wants.

There are many more ideas of just because gifts, men are really not that difficult to buy for!

Cool Skull iphone Case Cover Skin


Give Your Gift With Love

You don’t have to spend lots of money on a gift. Whatever the occasion it should be a joy to give and receive no matter what the price tag. Sometimes the homemade and personal present can mean more to the recipient than a big gesture.

© 2013 emerald60


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