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Just Because You Yell "Hey Sexy" In The Street Does Not Mean I Am Interested

Updated on March 5, 2012
I 100% Agree!
I 100% Agree! | Source

Even Since I Was A Teenager Growing Up In Brooklyn...

I had an influx of boys and some men, even those who were old enough to be my father, trying to talk to me in the street. When this usually happens, it would always caught me by surprise because I was focused on going to my destination. Sometimes I get "cat called" when I just left the house and then I hear one guy saying, "Hey sexy" by the bodega. When I ignored him, he would get so upset (mostly because he was with his boys) that he would say, "Fine b---h, you ugly anyway." Huh? Just because I did not pay any attention to your stupid line that I deserved to be disrespected? I could have given him a piece of my mind and told him not to EVER speak to me or ANY OTHER WOMAN like that but unfortunately, I couldn't because I knew that if I did, he would possibly try to harm me. After all, I didn't know if he had a gun, knife or some dangerous chemical that can permanantly disfigure my face or kill me. All over Brooklyn and other boroughs I have heard too many girls getting cat called in the street and some either were shot, thrown urine at, called names, and hit for not reciprocating their advances. Sometimes I wonder when the street harassment is going to stop.

The guys in the streets that usually do this are those who do not have any respect for women. They would usually hang out in the street corner, staring at girls (some were as young as 13 or 14) up and down hoping to get their numbers and have sex with them. They do not have a job nor any ambition at all. They are not the type of guys that I could introduce to my parents and the rest of my family. While some people who do cat call assume that they are just doing their job by claiming that women like the fact that they are giving them the attention, I will have to disagree on that. How would you like it if I was standing by the bodega and saying things like "Nice a--" or "Hey sexy, gimme your number", or if you did not respond because I was humiliated, I could yell, "F--k you then b---h, you are ugly anyway" or "You ugly m----------a". Now tell me if that is likeable attention and the feeling to not being safe because you do not want to be either killed or injured for retaliating or the fact that you fear of saying the wrong thing.

In places like New York City and other urban areas, women face street harassment often. It is unfortunate that women have to "walk on eggshells" around them so they wouldn't face the wrath of a rejected cat caller. Like I have mentioned before, a woman never knows whether if the guy has a weapon if she retaliates. When a woman does not say anything back, they tend to yell profanity or some even follow you around. One time, my friend was returning home from work at 1:00 am when a guy in his car peeked out of his window trying to talk to her. She had to smile back and be friendly and told him that she was not interested. He still persisted in trying to get with her and even offered a ride back to her house. She politely declined. He then decided to follow her around in his car and luckily she got away from him before he had the chance to find out where she lived. These guys could get really disrespectful to women and treat them like they are pieces of meat instead of human beings.

At the end of the day, what I really want to say to these "thirsty for female attention" guys would be how would you feel if your mother, sister and other female relatives were disrespected like that in the street? My guess is that if you really love them, you would be really mad about it. And how would you feel if the roles are reversed and a female treated you the same exact way and gets upset by calling you all kinds of profanity in front of everyone? You sure as hell you wouldn't like it and would be "walking on eggshells" as well. If you really want a girl to talk to you, say this: "Hey, How are you doing? What is your name? My name is {blank} and I think you are attractive and I would like to know if you would like to hang out with me sometime (assuming it is at a public place)? If she says no, then gracefully thank her for her time and go on your way. If she says yes, then you can go on from there. And have some goals for yourself instead of fooling around in the street doing nothing. That is all.


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