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Just Cause I'm A Man

Updated on November 12, 2015

Just because I am a Man Does Not.....

Just because I am a man does not mean I should hide my emotions. I am a human being much like male or female or anything inbetween. Just because I get up set about something does not mean I should just man up and deal with it. This way of thinking that men need to be cold strong emotionless beings is why men have the highest suicide rates. Men get depressed as well, men have issues, just because I am a man doesn't mean I should hide my feelings.

Just because I'm a man does not mean I should have to support you through life. Just because I want a strong hard working and independent woman does not mean I am a piece of shit. I should not have to work through life while you get to sit at home all day watching T.V. and cooking and cleaning. I love to cook too, and honey it isn't that hard to slave over a kitchen stove too, so just because I am the man does not mean you get a free pass. If you want to live like it is the 50's then you better have my coffee and pancakes ready in the morning, my lunch packed, and that house better be spottless and dinner on the table by the time I am home. So if you want me to follow stereotypes just because I am a man, then you sure as hell better be the best damn stereotype wife with the best damn stereotype meatloaf this world has ever seen.

Just because I am the man does not mean I should fight your battles for you. Just because I am the man doesn't mean I have the come to your rescue every time your feelings are hurt. We are a team and as a team we should stick by each others side, not cower behind the other.

Just because I am the man does not mean you can stomp on us. Far to often male abuse goes without reporting, and men everywhere continue to be hurt. Physically, and yes emotionally. Just because we I am a man does not mean my abuse is any less serious, and whether a male or female abusser, it does not make us a joke or a laughing stock.

Just because I am a man does not mean we can't get raped. Saying a man can't get raped because he gets hard is the equivelent of saying a woman got wet so she must have liked it. Just because a female sexually assaults a man does not mean it is okay, it does not mean he shouldn't feel bad. He isn't gay if he didn't like it, rape is rape. And most certainly just cause I am a man does not mean I should get longer prison sentences. Just because a male teacher has sex with a student doesn't mean he should get 5-15 years in prison, while a female teacher doing the same stuff, the same positions, in the same setting,, should not get a slap on the wrist with a ruined career and probation. Male or female their actions are equally dumb, and just because someone has a uterus does not mean they have a get out of jail free card.

Just because I am a man does not mean you get out of hard work. Just because I am a man does not mean I get stuck at work lugging around heavier and more equipment, while you get to sit around or do smaller stuff. As a man I shouldn't bee forced to pick up the slack for less efficent females. And most certainly they shouldn't be paid more for it.

Just because I am a man does not mean I have an advantage in life. We are faced with more suicide rates and depression rates them most women. We are struck with more stress on average. On top of the stereotypes men face on the daily, we are forced to compete for the same jobs with the same skills at the same pay rate, and only the most qualified arise victorious. Just because somebody has breasts does not entitle them to have the job I worked hard for, to get the pay rate I worked hard for. Just because you are a woman does not mean you can just claim discrimination, work equally or more hard then your peers, then you deserve the equal wage, or the extra pay, not just because you are female.

Just because I am a man does not mean we don't love our children. Juust because you are the woman doesn't mean you are entitled to get our children. Just because I am the man doesn't mean I am not caring for children and want to see my children in the cases of divorce. Just because you are a woman doesn't mean you should have a better chance of getting our children in the case of divorce. And just because I am the man does not mean I should be forced to pay for you and our children in the case of a divorce. If you take my kids and leave me you should not be entitiled to a penny of my money. Just because I am the man does not mean I have to pay for you after you choose to leave me, or because I left you for a reason.

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The way Men are treated in Society Now

Men are mistreated and abused in America now. There was a time when women needed strong leaders to get their rights. They needed a feminist movement to get the right to vote, work, fight for their country or more. There was a time when women were mistreated and abused. However within the last several years, or maybe even decades, the narrative has completely reversed. Once women were oppressed, and now a days men are the ones getting abused, or at the very least the bullying and abuse is starting to come much more to light. In a more increasingly politically correct world, feminists and their supporters alike have changed the America to the point that men are abused.

I had said that maybe this abuse is coming much more to light in the last several years. This growing suffering of a man has ever increased with the push that feminists feel is necessary to put down, hate, and claim patriarchy to subdue the male control of society. But as the continued "equality" feminists feel they deserve, it really starts to show quiet how men have always been abused in ways. It is the women, feminists, now that are so concerned about their gender role stereotypes, but the question is, what about the male stereotypes? For years men have been the ones going to war, doing the heavy lifting, are the ones supporting during a marraige or even after divorce. Men are less likely to get custody of their children in divorce, and men are forced to feel like emotionless ice caps. Why must we endure this pain and suffering?

I as a man, am a very personal and sensative man. I cry over my grandmothers death, and even cry when and "Undercover Boss" does his employees good. I have emotions and feel. So it has always dissheartened me when I hear the term "man up", or "get a pair of balls". It is completely unfair to tell men that they aren't allowed to feel because they are men. This is why men die so much more frequently and faster, we are put in more heart breaking and stressful situations. We are just as fragile if not more so than females, simply based on the fact that more often than not we are put through more, or told to stuff our feelings down. Hidding our feelings and the way we are is why men have the highest rates of suicide. Let alone the contributing factors of social pressure to be the supporters of their family, and sometimes to be the only one working. Is it fair that a man has to work every day of his life, and probably distance himself from his kids or sometimes even wife, because he is the one forced to performe what society really wants him to do. And that is work like a slave, compete with your fellow men to the top, be the best you can, and you are expendable at any time. Men are the ones more commonly fired, yes there are more men in the workforce to begin with, however it is quick to show how this feminist movement is actually damging society and pushing men down more.

It is already enough that men have to compete with their other male counterparts for jobs and positions. However with the latest moves of feminism tearing the structure down, it becomes increasingly more stressful. How come women now feel so much more entitled, they are the ones with real priveledge starting to develope. Now you can have a hard working class man, making terrible money, at a compnay he has worked at for years, with a family of four and he might just get a premotion. Now with the way society is, any "qualified" woman can walk in and take the job he has worked years to try and achieve, simply because she is a woman. Why is this happening? If women really want this wage gap to dissapear then the answer is simple. Start going into the predominatly male fields and work your ways up, make them equally co-ed companies and work spaces. See who works hard and who doesn't and pay accordingly, not based on their sex. Materity leaveis also a really big factor into this wage gap disparagement. Women get pregnant and they need to take time off, women shouldn't still get paid essentially like they are working. That is unfair to not only the male employees, but anyone currently not pregnant or may become pregnant.

There is a whole other issue at large here, and that is breast cancer. All formers of cancer are horrible, we all wish it didn't exist, and I am sure we all want to donate the best we can to all forms of cancer research. However why the big deal with breast cancer research, yes it is awful, but why is it so mainnstream and pop culture. Why is everything pink ribbons, and honk for tits. This is where alot of men get the short end of the stick. Because what about testicular cancer? Everybody and their mothers will dye their hair pink and tie ribbons to their houses and cars for breast cancer, but nobody cares one bit for testicular cancer, or even prostate cancer. Nobody cares, there isn't nearly as much money raised for testicular and prostate cancer as breast cancer. So I am sure that research for breast cancer is years ahead of testicular or even prostate cancer, or at the very least billions of dollars ahead.


Have Someone that loves music as much as you love them? Depressing isn't. Atleast you can make their christmas special.

Equal oppurtunity

We are never going to grow as a society if we keep attacking useless issues. There is no need for feminists to be attacking and hating men the way they are. While yes there was a time when men were the "leaders" of the house hold, and women were nothing more than to cook clean and make babies. But those times have passed. Men and women are physiologically different, we are built to bee able to handle harder tasks, carry heavier things. However that doesn't give when an excuse to be lazy. And yes women are given chances for maternity leave, it doesn't mean a less qualified maan should be paid more and take her position. We are never going to move forward if we keep acting like such little subjects are so important. If there was a much more clear sign of female oppresion now, then I would be making a different argument. However we just don't need feminism anymore, it just isn't necessary now. And we certainly don't need it constantly pushing down men than they already are. Like I said men are expendable. We are worked more and harder, sent off to war, forced to compete more, and worst of all degraded by each other and sometimes even our women. The only way to fix these issues would be to stop paying attention to the fake issues that feminism likes to make you think exist, and instead focus more on some male issues. Make it more likely for men to get custody of their kids, or not be forced to suport their ex-wife, they divorced for a reason. Make testicular cancer just as big as breast cancer. Help with male mental health, don't tell them to hide their emotions, and lower the male suicide rates. Men are not expendable!


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