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Just How Open Are You In Your Relationship?

Updated on October 24, 2011

About a week ago I was watching T.V. and I couldn't find anything that interesting on. As I bypassed many channels, I contemplated whether or not I should just turn the darn thing off. Then I came across the Tyra Banks show. The episode was about individuals and couples that were into very freaky sex acts. The crazy thing was some of the guests were into things that didn't seem sexual at all. It was weird...but not sexual. A couple enjoyed tickling each other, a man loved for women to walk all over him (literally!), etc. Tyra then brought up a great question. She asked "do you share this information with a person that you get involved with?" Some chose to share...while others did not choose to do so. So that brings me to open should you be in a relationship?

In my book What Every Woman Wants Her Man to Know (check it out here:, I touch briefly on the topic, but I will say this: some people are too open and some are too secretive. I believe that you should be somewhere in the middle. Express enough to your partner to let him/her know that you're capable of sharing things...but don't go overboard. Some things should be kept private. Especially if it's a new relationship that you're in.


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