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Just these racing thoughts of you and I

Updated on February 21, 2010
I imagine life as a path like that of a droplet of water falling toward the center of a globe covered in various paints of all shades and colors.
I imagine life as a path like that of a droplet of water falling toward the center of a globe covered in various paints of all shades and colors.

Maybe I don’t know love, but I do know I’ve always been interested in love, dreams, thought, mentality I guess. And I’ve always thought it was a bit outlandish because as I was raised none of this was ever made to seem vital. To people I knew it was probably a cultish thought to think as I did. Come to find out now that mentality is all of that. How you feel apparently does affect the world more than you think.

So do you sometimes wonder what a dream is and how it gets so lost but we're still in this sleep. This endless dream breeding amidst nothing but cordless lights; the mind that changes constantly according to the moving sun is sometimes trapped by an ego, one that sadly can't be moved nor can it be touched by the lightest gaze, one you can say from a child's eyes and we all know, yes we all know how the child's eyes affect even the purest evil amongst us. Someday we’ll wonder why we didn't just come back and let ourselves fall deeply succumb to lazy thoughts and wistful ideas. Is it so bad to come to your knees at the soft voices that sing to you, Yes let yourself get lost just this one time to prove your sensitivity to whomever it is you’d prefer to please. This song I hear about this man who refuses to be moved was a noise yesterday roaring from the mouths of many. There’s a bit too much cascading through me, my bones are vibrating with the movements of the thundering feet pacing back and forth. Lets go to points a's and to point's b’s, we, we're just moving in a circle, let's touch each other, and graze our shoulders slowly if not lovingly, hoping one day this accident might be the one that saves us from the more fatal one waiting for us later. I call you when I’m feeling it's the best time, no, I don't it was by dream, not luck that you received this call from me, and you woke up realized you were missing me, but it was wasn't me, it was this moment.

You awaken to knowing that the time that stood between us captured in its own focus of relative yearning. We were not moving, tell them all we're not moving, here is where we'll find ourselves thousands of years from now when our bones collide as branches charring our barks off each other only to find the familiar rub of my skin against yours, your lips sinking into mine, our drying leaves brushing remnant love off and pushing time deeper into each other. We can decay together you and I my love to find ourselves drops of ice in thin clouds, waiting to shatter the earth with our still brightness. Going back to busy street to find the same crack in the pavement we stood upon together so I can fall through once again, join the missing and the mysterious that can’t bring themselves to bare the weight of understanding how simple it is to be.  Be the silence that struck a once upon a time on a dark night and a blurry view, still the words that questioned a rising, a quivering of limbs whispering through a tired bus and crowded conversations.

This is what I have to do, is let go of my ground and leave your eyes where they are, because I keep coming back to them. I this point A and you this point B keeps me in a circle. We together reside in this unmovable place amongst many rocks and too early dawns, heavenly shakes won’t traumatize this quake enough for I’m still lying thoroughly frozen to a moment, a song, a point at which I realized I could once again stream, and you could plug in to catch a passing glance of what it is we may or may not possess.  But you couldn’t hear me any louder, and I couldn’t feel you any softer.


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    • LadyRavenSkye profile image


      8 years ago from Ohio

      Hahaha! Nothing to be sorry about. I am more fulfilled when I read something and find my self feeling the words rather than just gazing at them emotionally.

    • catalystsnstars profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Land of Nod

      You make me laugh and I make you sad, I'm sorry. Thank you for stopping by though. I'll be sure to come over to your hub to laugh some more, while the baby's up this time.

    • LadyRavenSkye profile image


      8 years ago from Ohio

      This was really symbolic, and made me think of my own views on love. Kinda made me feel sad, I did like it though.


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