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Kate Middleton is a Mother of Two Children

Updated on January 30, 2014
Kate Middleton, the princes of wales , 2011
Kate Middleton, the princes of wales , 2011

The Royal Wedding, 2011

It was the most hot news and the most talked about topic of writing, blogging, and making money also, in the middle of the year 2011, the royal wedding.

After a long time affair of love and dating, a long tell of romance came to crowed in that time. The royal wedding of England 2011, between William and Kate Middleton, perhaps, one of the most memorable historic event in the world.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton , the wife of Prince William, is an woman of having leadership quality, invests all her affords to get what she wants. She is brilliant, intellectual and capable to understand all difficulties, intentional and smart.

"In the year of near 2022, Kate Middleton may be the "Queen of British Empire", "

-said an Chinese Numerologist .

The Chinese numerologist, the name of the hero is not mentioned here for his request not to do, also said , " She may be a mother of two children in her life, the one of those will be a daughter."

On the basis of the saying of the Chinese numerologist, if we say, " Kate Middleton is a mother of two children" it may be wrong, because, we are not sure of her future, specially of her motherhood.

But think of that time when Kate Middleton will be, really , a mother. Think of the role of internet and medias at that time!


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