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Keep Your Options Open Without Settling

Updated on May 7, 2012

Some advice that people give us is not to have a type. They tell us not to generalize if we say we like a certain type of guy. For instance if we say we like Guidos people may tell us that they are all bad or don't date anyone at a bar or club. Meanwhile they are the ones who are doing the sterotyping.

Not all Guidos are players, nor are guys who are good looking. Most of them can be but then there are some that are relationship material. Just because a guy is at a bar doesen't make him a player. Maybe he just wants to watch the game and have a beer with his buddies. Just because a guy isn't good looking doesen't mean that he isn't a player.

It's okay to like a certain type of guy. Everyone is different and if you go with the first guy who comes along and you don't feel anything you are settling. There is nothing wrong with giving a guy a chance but when you really like someone you feel comfortable with that person. If you feel ashamed of dating a guy then you shouldn't be with him. If you feel that you should be with another guy then don't lead this guy on.

Always keep your options open. You never know who you fall in love with. Love can happen anywhere and with anyone. You can even fall for someone you never thought you would ever fall for. Go with what your heart tells you and what you feel is right. Never settle what just is in front of you, your dream guy might just come a few seconds later.


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