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The Truth About "Keeping the Magic Alive" In Relationships

Updated on December 8, 2018

In this day and age, people seem to be really concerned about those so-called sparks that are there for about one year into a relationship. Maybe even less for some. Afterwards, people tend to lose interest and then break up with their significant other in search for another romantic interest who will remind them of those sparks.

Well, the truth is, relationships can't always have sparks. Sometimes, relationships are boring. And, sometimes, there isn't much going on. And it is in those moments that you are truly tested whether you really love the person or you are there for just some "fun". However, magic can be revived from time to time, it's not that it's completely gone after some time. The truth is, people tend to forget about impressing each other after they realize they have already "caught" the person of interest. In order for magic to be revived, you have to appreciate those tiny moments with your significant other and make them special even though they can seem irrelevant.

You can't always go on fun dates, visit amusement parks, go on fun trips together. But when you do, make sure to savor those moments too and be completely in the moment. Remember all those good and bad reasons why you have fallen for the other person. Don't try to get distracted with other things, just let yourself go. Be happy and live in the moment because, a year from then, you will remember that time and regret that you haven't.

And when you don't have those fun dates, whether you are just lying in bed, playing video games together, or watching some movie, do the same thing. Appreciate the moment. That's all there is. No rhyme or reason, just appreciation for the other person. And, that's I think, the one thing that people forget about after some time. Because, honestly, during a movie, when you just glance at the person sitting next to you and admire them for just a few seconds, you'll feel that magic.

Do little things for them, help them out. When it's their birthday or some sort of gift-giving holiday, you don't have to buy something pricey, but if you do, it would still be good to add some sympathetic gift to the side - some sort of a love letter, a craft you handmade, or anything that came from your heart.

And about those times that you can't see each other, if you have followed the steps below, you would be glad that you haven't let a moment pass by while you had time for each other. So, for those times, just accept the alone time, think about them from time to time, realize how much you miss them and be very happy once they are back.

Don't just run away when you realize the ''magic'' is gone. It can only be gone when you don't love that person anymore. And, if that's the case, by all means, leave. There's nothing worse than wasting someone's time.

So, after reading this article, do you agree? Or not?

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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      19 months ago from Chicago

      "However, magic can be revived from time to time.." - Very true!

      The problem is many couples stop putting in the effort. Truth be told it's usually (one) person who stops and the other person sees their lack of effort and eventually gives up too.

      Some people actually expect passion and romance to die or even look forward to it. In their eyes "real love" is all about companionship, running a household, or raising a family. They put passion on the "backburner" and some let themselves go physically. We treat "the new" better than the "tried and true".

      Once they're single again they get back into the gym and look for ways to impress a (new person) in order to win their heart.

      Gradually they stop doing all the things that made them fall in love with each other and if they're not careful they start to resemble something akin to being siblings or roommates with the same last name coasting along on auto pilot as the years pass them by.

      In order to keep the "magic" alive both people have to make it a priority. If you neglect a garden it dies. Nurture a garden it thrives.

      It's easier to maintain a fire than it is to reignite a spark!


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