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Keeping a Healthy Relationship with your Significant Other

Updated on August 5, 2016

Couples need to consider the keys to a long lasting relationship.

How to stop Relationships from Failing

Everyone can agree that they wouldn't want to be without love. Even if persons are hurt and come to the conclusion that love is heart-wrenching and that they don't want to be restricted by it, it is only a short-term feeling. Eventually they would have urges of wanting to love someone again. What is the remedy to cease these feelings? There is none, because it is a part of life. If you weren't strengthen from the "tough love" you might have experienced when you were with your significant other, then you have experienced what you may call "true love" which in this case it is common for both persons in the relationship to open up emotionally and is successful with their relationship. For those of us who were strengthened because of "tough love" the key is not to enclose your heart so it doesn't get a beat down from heartless men, if this is what you do then you won't find happiness and It's when your old and gray you may start to say "Maybe I should have took that risk to find that special someone..." So here are some tips on how to avoid a failing relationship:

  • Do not rush into a relationship - Take time to know the person. It is best to develop friendship with them for no less than a month or two before you go in a relationship with them. If you go before that time it is likely that after a few weeks you have started the relationship with the person you may start to see features that you never saw before and is not compatible with you. When this occurs it may turn out to be a waste of time and the only result may be a broken heart.
  • Do not be clingy- When in a relationship do not cling unto your man. Men don't like when females are too attached, give them breathing space and let them be the one to text or call you first. Let them miss you and wonder what you have been up to. you'll be amazed to see the difference when you let him do the talking.
  • Be Considerate- Sometimes when you don't hear from your significant other, it does not mean that he has forgotten you or he has stopped caring. Men have problems of their own and in most cases they prefer to be by themselves to think about their problems than to talk. Sometimes there are appropriate reasons why they haven't contacted you and you may overreact to the situation and start a conflict. Do not do this as it will only result in driving the man away from you, allow him to speak to you when he is ready and when he does let him know how you feel but do it in a calm manner.
  • Give him Surprises- Men will rarely tell women that they want them to surprise them with a gift or do something nice for them so it's up to you to surprise them. Yes, they should buy you things and give you dazzling gifts but sometimes you can return the favor, it is greatly appreciated by men when you do thoughtful deeds for them.
  • Be Understanding- Sometimes men just want someone to listen to them without making too much comments. If you decide to make comments, be consoling and don't make hash ones.
  • Give Space- A little space is healthy for the relationship, there will come a time in every relationship where your significant other or you may want space. Allow them to get this request without causing conflict, this is normally the number one reason why couples break up. Asking for space doesn't necessarily mean you want permanent space, just give him some time and then eventually he will come back to you. (in some cases) I know you probably might think that he is selfish and ask the question "why should I talk to him only when he wants to? " It's called sacrifice. You do things for each other for the sake of your relationship. It is up to you to discover how much your relationship means to you. In order for it to work, you both have to make sacrifices.
  • Don't give up Easily- Men hate when you break up with them for every simple reason then expect to make up immediately. Instead of letting anger control your emotions at that specific moment, think about what you are about to say and avoid anything that may lead to an argument. If you think you will say something that may lead to a conflict, tell him that you don't feel like speaking and you will talk to him later. When you have done so, wait until you no longer feel upset with him then you can speak to him again. By doing this, it will avoid a conflict that would both disrupt the happiness within the relationship.

What I have listed are some basic ways to avoid conflict that would normally lead to a failing relationship. Remember that Communication, Honesty, Faithfulness, Trust, Understanding and Respect are the 6 keys to keep a long lasting relationship. I wish everyone the best with their significant other and that they will bear in mind these tips I have listed.

Thank you for reading! :)

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    • Ayomac16 profile image

      Camoya Campbell 4 years ago from Jamaica

      Hello Kris Bell, Thank you for reading my first hub. :) Your comment is greatly appreciated.

    • Kris Bell profile image

      Kristen Bell 4 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Hello there!

      Very nicely done. You made some great points here. I especially agree with being considerate. It can be hard in a relationship when you do not getting the attention you think you deserve, but it is not always for lack of trying or want. If something is going on with your significant other, you should definitely look out for him. It isn't always about you. Good work :)