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Keeping Love And Relationship Alive

Updated on July 27, 2018

Keeping Love Alive


Keeping It Always On And Alive

Keeping love alive, we need to give attention, time and readiness to keep things fresh and always on in learning to always reconnect.

We can't just let the nature do the romance and let things slowly feel wrong. It is easy to get lost in our busy lifestyle, if we have been in a relationship for awhile. We really need to stop for awhile and smell the roses.

It does take a lot of work to keep our relationship alive. We have to know how to keep things interesting, adventurous and impulsive.

Tips In Keeping Relationship Alive

Here are some tips that will help our relationship keep alive:

  • Big 'NO' to dead routine. Once that feeling of enthusiasm of being together is mellowing, majority of us fall into a routine and began to take each other for granted. We always tend to assume and know what is our partner feeling, that it doesn't matter if we don't look as nice as we used to be, make decision to always spend more and more with our friends and our own interest of activities. It is very crucial for us to understand that there are many small things and ways in which we damage our relationship. Unless we know and feel that we cared for and valued by each other, it is easy the feeling of love to fade away. Break that routines, take our time to plan romantic, delicious and exciting time and moments to spend together. Even if only for a very short time, important is that during this time we will do what satisfy us both at the most.
  • Take charge of how we perceive our partner each day. After a relationship has gone for awhile, it is easy for us to start to see each other as an ordinary. When we fall in love, we only saw the best about that person, and only focused how wonderful he or she was. if we want to keep that love alive, we need to keep that going deliberately. Show our partner that we look up and respect him or her. Never dwell upon his or her faults.
  • Able to understand the hidden expectations. Simply take sample of looking into our selves, what are we expecting from our partner. Does he or she need the same thing from the relationship? It makes us upset if our expectations unfulfilled. So the vital step here is to make sure that the expectations of our partner can be met in order to always feel close and satisfied in a relationship. So remember always, how our axpectations always bring into line with the person we are with. Are those expectations realistics or simply childhood dreams that we are still carrying with us?
  • Giving the chance for her or him to fulfill our dreams. Letting him or her know that he or she is making us happy, what he or she does is good sufficient for us. Being able to let them know our love, thank, importance and appreciation has a very high meaning to our partner.
  • Reconnect to our partner. By being more connected to our partner, we sure know that there is no other person we need to be with, other than our partner. Our partner is the real conclusion of our romance in life that we have found.

It is always more fulfilling to walk this life with our partner, instead of just on our own.

Do You Know That Your Relationship Always Thrive?

You do need situations where you both could have little fun, laugh and play together. Playing, it is not only for kids. As for adult it will bring you two together. As you tease playfully your partner you start to laugh more and more that lightening up the atmosphere between you two.

You should be creative in trying new things together, trying new activities with your partner that is exciting to do, do it the novel way. As it will helps you and your partner create moments, memories and at the same time you and your partner feel really like a team and exciting. No more boredom.

It is important to do nice things for your partner on occasion. And at the same time you should notice and really acknowledge whenever your partner does nice things for you. A minimum of "thanks" you could give to your partner. Whenever you feel grateful to your partner, you and your partner feeling more connected with each other and even more satisfied with the relationship that you both have.

Supporting your partner through all the rough time is crucial, and at the same time you should as well give support even when things are going just right. When you celebrates acchievements or triumphs together, means you are satisfied with your relationship and experience a much fewer conflicts, have more fun together and you are happier together.

Whenever your partner gets a promotion, meets your partner goal, or even if your partner just really having a great day, please make sure that you celebrate with your partner.


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    • Sissi Ravano profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from The Beautiful Ligurian Sea, Arm Of The Mediterranean Sea

      Dear Zoey, thank you for visiting my hub. Your comment is very much appreciated. Take care.

    • zoey24 profile image


      7 years ago from South England

      Interesting hub, voted up :)


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