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Kicking all those bad habits take work

Updated on October 18, 2011
Pick your poison-- mine is love.
Pick your poison-- mine is love. | Source

What are your vices? So far, I've given up on dating to starve my love addiction (three months and counting), smoking (since the divorce was settled-- five months and counting), binging on food (I lost an inch off my waist so far), and even cut back on my drinking (but still have my wine with dinner). What's left? Facebook. I can't seem to kick that habit.

In all fairness, who said kicking bad habits is easy, or even desirable? I enjoyed smoking! Too bad it causes cancer, and makes you act like a freak if you haven't had a cigarette in a few hours. But, if you're lucky, you come to the point where you realize that to be a better person, you have to kick certain bad qualities to the curb, and choose a more healthy, active and self-loving lifestyle.

So, these days, instead of puffing away outside on the patio, or getting a buzz with one too many drinks, or even getting my heart smashed by guys who are all too willing to take advantage of a horny single mom, I spend most nights in front of my computer screen chatting away with my friends. OK, I'll admit, some are guys. Oh, and some are married.... Yikes, I think I've just transferred some bad habits into others.

Did I mention that I have an admirer on the other side of the country? I won't even get into the details, but as you can see, the love addict in me has just replaced the drug with the next best fix. Apparently, happiness is the next best thing to being in love.

Moral of the story: if you have any temptations that you are battling, you are definitely not alone. I can give up most anything, but I'd do anything for love (hey, is it just me, or is that an old song?). Or at least the futile feelings of sheer elation. The trick is to pick your poison-- and make sure it has the least harmful effects on you or those around you. When in doubt, "just say, 'no!'"


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    • wonderful1 profile image

      Sheila Varga Szabo 6 years ago from Southern California

      Thanks for that, Zainnisar. Kudos for your victory-- and I'm still a non-smoker. I do crave it sometimes when I'm partying, but luckily, no one who smokes is around.

      I can't speak for my other vices. I cope with stress however I can. I'm a good girl, though, for the most part. ;)

    • Zainnisar profile image

      Zainnisar 6 years ago from Little Island, Heart.

      Habits are like fungus no matter how hard one try to clean up yourself it will come back so only solution is to change your environment or in other words leave the water and take a flight,

      Thats exactly what I did and I had a turn around in my life more friends more loyalties and an active life but finance forced me back to my parents home so I am back to square one and taking refuge in front of computer screen BUT lesson is learned life is not meant to become big size Tortoise (Turtle in Seychelles)but to fly like a hawk. So join non smokers club to keep on your pact because it is really easy to fall back to square one,

      Oh feeling so releaved, Thanks for the hub and making me to share, Good luck.