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Simple Ways To Be A Unique, Loveable Girlfriend

Updated on March 5, 2012

By no means does this mean change who you are ladies!

I am sure I don't speak for myself when I say, all of us lovely girls worry ourselves from time to time, over wondering whether we are good girlfriends, or at least how to improve our qualities to become the girlfriend we want to be!

Being in love for the first time has been very thought provoking for me. Don't get me wrong, I have been in a fair few relationships, but it seems to me that they have been stepping stones for me to have acquired the information and opinions that I will express in this article and the experience I needed to put it all in to practice for the real thing. So, here goes!

Take an interest in his stories, no matter how boring- Par Example- My boyfriend insists on telling me all of the highlights of the latest episode of "Spartacus". I am not a fan of this particular show and he gets right in to the story, from re-enacting scenes, flailing his arms wildly, adopting accents of the characters, he does it all. I find my mind wandering and he picks up on this, so I had to find another way of dealing with this boring situation. This is how I now act, should this situation arise:

  • Focus on him, and his eyes and allow yourself to get lost in them (This gives the illusion of deep interest in chosen subject)
  • Smile at how dedicated he is to this subject and how happy he looks
  • Always Giggle when appropriate, think of something funny he has said/done in the past or just giggle at how much of a cute geek he is
  • Pay attention to important parts and quote them later in the day when appropriate, this shows that you have listened and gets me a kiss, or a "you're awesome" every time!

Always Look Your Best- This one goes without saying girls! If not for him, for you. When you look good, you feel good. Whether you are in your pajamas's, your best outfit, or your slouching out get up, make it glamorous.

  • No greasy haired girly is glamorous. I know it's a pain what with the whole kerfuffle of washing, drying & straightening but it's worth it when you do it. It's better that your hair smells beautiful when he wakes up next to you, rather than smelling of an old pillow. If you really have no time to wash your hair.. one word- Talcum powder ;)
  • Don't overdo the make-up but ensure you play up your best features. If, for example your best feature is your juicy lips, invest in a lovely lipstick to bring them alive! Even if you are planning a lazy day in with each other, do your makeup!
  • Packing to stay at his? DO NOT take your reliable, comfortable, decade old cow print Pj's! I am not saying take sexy baby-dolls all the time (though do from time to time) but take a cute camisole set, or a pretty nightie.
  • I am sure you all do, but always be freshly shaven, washed and clipped. Hair in places that only men are supposed to keep it is a no no and long toenails are pretty unattractive.

Be Funny and Quirky and never be too serious- If you ask any women what qualities she looks for in a potential partner, it's a known fact that "funny" will be in there somewhere in some context. Just as us women admire a man that can make us laugh, equally men like women with a sense of humor. I can be quite a moody character secretly but I have found ways around it. If you feel yourself becoming grumpy, annoyed or downright angry with him for silly reasons, follow this advice:

  • Give yourself a little time and thought to assess the situation and nine times out of ten you will decide that really it is not that bad and requires no fuss- just laugh. If you find yourself arguing over something silly, just stop, and laugh (not manically)
  • Kiss him. Look at his cute face and kiss him.
  • Remember his more endearing qualities when his annoying habits get to you
  • Realize neither of you are perfect
  • If something goes wrong, laugh and make a joke of it!
  • Tell him silly jokes
  • Pull funny faces at him randomly (one of my personal favorites)
  • Call him funny pet names as opposed to slushy ones. Inanimate objects are my personal choice, such as "Pudding Cup"
  • Be silly together and just have fun!

Last, but most importantly- ACCEPT HIM. Of course some times you get annoyed and things aren't always rosy but remember, you chose this man for who he was and you knew what you were getting in to when you decided to make a go of things together. Take an interest in him, his friends, his family, his pets, his band, his favorite books and even his favorite pair of holey jeans. The more you know him, the more you will be able to see past the things that may bother you, and your relationship will be stronger for it.


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      karim alam 3 years ago

      hai im looking for lovable and honest girl friend for long relationship in india