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Kim Kardashian - Life Inside a Transparent House

Updated on November 26, 2011

The Forfeiture of Privacy

The Gossip Gestapo

Once an individual becomes a "public figure" their private life goes straight out the window. Open questions: Why do we hover/gravitate around the private lives of public figures? Do we expect more from them because they are public? Do we have a right to expect this? Do we have an unconscious agreement among ourselves that if a person becomes a public personality they have automatically forfeited any semblance of privacy, and their most intimate affairs are fair game for our scrutiny and derision?

I can understand why we would hold priests, members of the clergy, educators, and physicians to a higher standard but what is driving the passion behind the need to lambaste politicians/actors (is there any difference?). If anything, shouldn't we expect a lower level of morality -- as many of these famed people are ill-equipped to deal with their new-found positions of power, influence, and inducement for self-indulgence?

As far as what entertainers do, I could care less. I might even be able to overlook moral misdeed of politicians if they were working fervently in our favor. Although there is no more "Hollywood" as existed in the 30's - 60's, we still have a bizarre elitism in D.C. Our capital should not be a center of glamor/personality/prestige that once mirrored Hollywood. If anything, D.C. should be a 24-7 butt-buster for earnest workaholics with no name, no glory, no recognition, no fame, no tuxedos, no perks -- just elected reps and staff who are dedicated to the improvement of the human condition in these United States. From state representative to senator to president, none should ever rise above the status of "clerk."

We may selectively support actors/actresses with our hard-earned bucks, but the same should never be true for mere government servants.


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