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Kind of wedding you would like to have

Updated on May 9, 2012

I may not be planning a weddng or engaged yet, but I do know what kind of wedding I would like to have when it comes times to having one. To some this may be crazy because, like my mom says, you need to find someone first before even considering a type of wedding you would like. However, I say, if I can think of how I would like my wedding to be someday wouldn't that help me prepare for that day I actually have to think about it?

Everyone has the kind of wedding they would like have, especially us women. Some may have dreamed of it since they were a little girl or maybe you have seen your friends get married and that really made you think of where you would like to have your wedding one day. For me, I would like to someday get married outside, maybe a beach, now that would be really nice, having the ocean in front while making our vows. Or maybe a wedding a nice park, a really nice park. Yeah a park may seem kind of a weird wedding to some but when planned out well it can turn out really nice. For instance, rent a big tent that will fit all your guests and that would help make the wedding nicer and you won't have to worry about the weather so much unless it is really bad.

There are many places to have a wedding. A church is always the place to have it but when it comes to wanting to be unique, not alot of people like to think of church weddings. But most of the time that is the one place all weddings should happen in. What about have a wedding your backyard, my cousin did, it was nice for the most part.

Do you think of one having a fairy tale wedding? Or just one of those traditional weddings? I think every bride has a way that they would like their wedding to be and sometimes they can be the craziest ideas too. A wedding is special because it is about the couple being united and that is what makes it more special. It doesn't really matter what kind of wedding you may want or had but what really does matter is how special it was to you and how it made you the most happiest person ever that day.


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