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Kiss on the second date : what to do to get

Updated on April 5, 2016

First Kiss

So How to get a kiss on the second date?

Choose the right time

The rejection or acceptance of a kiss is very dependent on where they are. If your date is shy not try to kiss in a crowded place , but waiting for a time when they are alone and in private , for example when you're leaving the door of your home or while walking down a street or less depopulated.

Nor try to kiss when the other person is distracted or talking about something. The immediate reaction to this rejection and be sure think you're a misfit . Note that the first kiss between you and lovemate should not be remembered fondly as an awkward moment .

Do not dominate the nerves

You must be very sure / to yourself / a because the nerves can ruin the moment . If they have come together for the second time , because there is a connection between the two so you have to be relaxed / a . But if you can not control anxiety, then it is best to give a simple and short kiss . While there are many ways to kiss , choose the simplest prevent making mistakes . The goal is to be tender and romantic, this is what he will remember.

Delivery previous signals

Before taking the big step is always better to leave clues . For example , stay close to your appointment, I rózalo hand or leg, look him straight in the eye , smiling seductively , etc. . These are all ways to show that the other interests you and what your intentions are . It is important to be attentive / aa gives you the answers your date meet these signs , that lets you know whether or not to accept your kiss .

Study their reactions

It is important that when you decide to take the big step do it slowly and gently. Bring your face close to your date slowly and study their reactions. If you build a confused or scared expression and slightly back , opt for a kiss on the cheek to save the situation and avoid tension in the air . Note that getting a kiss means having patience , so do not do another attempt immediately. It is better to keep the appointment and try your luck again later.

Also note how he reacts to the kiss , that will tell you how long and must be passionate . Kissing is a task in pairs and you can not ignore what the other feels about it.

Following these tips will give you more chances to get a kiss on the second date. However, none of these tips is infallible , it all depends on how the relationship is developing between you and the trust and confidence you have placed in you the person sales.


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