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How Do I Learn How to Kiss?

Updated on January 21, 2012

Introduction to Kissing

So you are either here because you have yet to experience your first kiss, you have been told you need to brush up on your skills, or you're bored.

For whatever reason. You are here to learn how to kiss.

What is a Kiss?

A kiss is actually a very simple term. It is the act of touching two people's lips together. A kiss can also be described as touching one persons lips to an object such as a doll, a pet such as your dog, or a body part such as someones cheek. However, a kiss can mean a lot of things, love, passion, a greeting, friendship, affection, respect, or sexual desire.

Obviously a kiss between two lovers is going to have a completely different meaning than a kiss between family members.

Types of Kisses

Before you learn how to kiss you should learn about a few of the different types of kisses.


  • A kiss on the cheek- is exactly that. A closed lip kiss against someones cheek. Usually shared between friends or family members. As this is more of a friendly type of kiss. Meaning I care about you.
  • Eskimo kiss- embrace each other and rub noses together. Usually shared between lovers. Or friends and family being a little silly.
  • Butterfly kiss- very closely, face to face. Open and close your eyes so that your eyelashes rub against your lovers. Usually shared between partners.
  • Earlobe kiss- place your hand on the back of your partners head and gently suck and nibble on their earlobe. Usually shared between lovers and often used to turn each other on.
  • Suck kiss- gently take your partners lower lip in between your lips and gently suck. A passionate kiss usually shared between lovers.
  • Closed mouth kiss- both participants lips are closed and then pressed together. This is often shared between lovers, family or friends to let each other know they care.
  • Neck kiss- a combination of both kissing and sucking up and down your partners neck. This is a passionate kiss often used to turn someone on.
  • The nibble kiss- much the same as the suck kiss. Take your partners lower lip between your two lips and gently nibble. This is often shared between lovers as it is quite passionate.
  • Air kissing- press your check up against another persons cheek while making a kiss noise with your lips. And then repeat on the other side. This is often used as a sophisticated gesture or greeting.
  • The french kiss- press your lips to your partners. As you are unlocking and re-locking your lips open your lips slightly and gently insert your tongue into their mouth. This is an extremely passionate kiss.


The Kiss

Now that you have learned about the types of kisses. You can now learn how to kiss. For this tutorial we will use a passionate french kiss.

Step 1

Make sure your lips are ready. Use a lip balm prior to ensure that your lips are soft and moist. You also don't want your lips to have any disgusting sores. Make sure your breath is fresh. Brush your teeth and use a mint.

Step 2

Choose a partner. Make sure that your partner is as willing to kiss you as you are willing to kiss them. If you don't have anyone in mind. You are likely going to have to wait until you do. As it's kind of hard to learn how to kiss without a partner.

Step 3

Wait until the right moment. This is a very important step in learning how to kiss. If the moment isn't right your partner may reject your kiss. The moment may be after a date, while your are laying in bed, or cuddling on the couch watching a movie. Where ever the moment is, you'll know when it's right.

Step 4

Invade your partners personal space. You are going to have to get up close and personal. If your partner moves away or pushes you away. Stop. As continuing may prevent you from having any future kisses with this person.

Step 5

Embrace your partner and tilt your head as a straight on kiss will result in a nose collision.

Step 6

Lock lips with your partner. Continue to lock and unlock lips.

Step 7

Slowly open your mouth and touch your tongue to their lips. If they don't open their mouth. You may have to wait until another time to experience your french kiss. If they open their mouth you are good to go.

Step 8

Slide your tongue into their mouth. They will likely slide their tongue into your mouth at the same time.

So now that your tongues are touching and you are continuing to lock and unlock your lips. You have now learned how to kiss. Not only just kiss but a french kiss at that!



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    • profile image

      superstar 5 years ago

      tnx 4 ur hlp guys, ur tipz realy hlpd me

    • profile image

      sean 4 years ago

      Thnx 4 the advice it helped a lot!

    • profile image

      Bulelani 3 years ago

      Kiss is the start of getting a relationship to the next level

    • profile image

      FEARLESS McGeba 3 years ago

      Thanks for advice, It really helped me a lot,I now knw hw to kiss my partner well with french Kissing.....keep up a gud work

    • profile image

      FEARLESS McGeba 3 years ago

      Thanks for advice, It really helped me a lot,I now knw hw to kiss my partner well with french Kissing.....keep up a gud work

    • profile image

      supadee 3 years ago

      Tnx 4 d advice #thumb up

    • profile image

      Hlonie mjikwa 2 years ago

      Enx 4 da advice thnk am ready 2 kic ma boo # lv ueW Mara

    • profile image

      Hot 2 years ago

      My first kis was a frentsh kiss and it was folowd by an kan i take you home with me??

    • profile image

      Jane 15 months ago

      What does lock and unlock mean

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