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The Tradition of Kissing Worldwide

Updated on June 19, 2013

Kissing is such a simple loving act, but who could believe that there are different ways that people perceive it all over the world. While in the United States kissing is a normal act that is done in public and privately, in other countries it is considered a disgrace to show this form of affection in public. Take a look at some ways that people appreciate or criticize kissing in different parts of the world.


Kissing in France is taken very seriously. People who know each other kiss politely on the cheek to say hello and this is a custom that is shared with people are known by the person doing the kissing . Kissing someone on the lips is an act that is held in high regard, and is not done with just anyone. The French save this show of fondness for that special person they are committed to.


In Africa the rules of kissing vary in different parts of the country. In South Africa young people under the age of 16 are not allowed to kiss. Although the teenagers of South Africa are forbidden to kiss, there are parts of Africa where people do not kiss at all. This is further explained in the article The Science of Kissing, when it is said, “While most cultures recognize some form of kissing, the Thongi Tribe of South Africa do not kiss, and adults in many Amazonian tribes do not kiss either.” In general, throughout the country, people are not comfortable with kissing in public.


Publicly kissing in India results in monetary fines. Recently, there was a warrant for the arrest of the actor, Richard Gere. He openly kissed an actress from India on the cheek. The charges were dropped after he publicly apologized, but this incidence develops the realization that not everything is the same everywhere. The people of India explain that even though the display of affection is different in other places, this is their way. This is further explained when it is said, “A kiss is a small thing, perhaps, but it is symptomatic of something much larger, sociologists say. This is a place where future spouses often do not meet until the wedding is arranged by their parents. The notion of courtship is still a novelty for many. In this context, the mounting influence of the Western world – and its far more open interaction between men and women – is revolutionary.” A “kiss is a small thing,” but it can cause problems and strong emotions wherever it is revealed.

The art of kissing is different in many places all over the world, In analyzing the kiss, whether it is given privately of publicly, it can bring out a variety of emotions that center around the heart. Did you know that, where you kiss someone has different meanings? Additional information, on the significance of the kiss on the human body, is provided below.

  • Eyelids – Affection
  • Nose – You are cute
  • Cheek – We are friends
  • Palm of the Hand – I adore you
  • Top of the Feet – You are king/queen
  • Forehead – I care about you

Kissing can be the most wonderful experience that two people can share. People have to remember that this simple act is not the same everywhere and is appreciated in different ways all over the world.


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