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Updated on January 16, 2016

Friends out of Revenge

We've been friends for nearly ten years, can you believe it was all out of revenge? You see, about ten years ago, my best friend and Kristen's best friend became friends and were always together, so Kristen and I figured we would become friends to stick it to 'em. Well, it turned out for the better because we're still the best of friends. It was honestly a perfect match because we spent so much time together, before school, after school, on the weekends...we never went too long without seeing each other.

It stinks, because as we got older we fell into the stereotype of not having enough time to hang out any more. What with school, and jobs, and boyfriends, our lives became super busy. But somehow, we managed to never slip too far away from one another, as anyone who knows us would know, we text every single day.

Krispy-Chicken, how can I put this? We've been through thick and thin. Multiple jobs, different boys, different dreams and aspirations, rumors, bullies (remember that? Yikes!), awkward phases..everything. We've had code words, a plethora of inside jokes, I even call your mom "mommy". Do you remember the day someone was bullying your little sister and we were both ready to head down to the school and make a scene? THAT'S the kind of friendship we have. The kind where, "Hey, I'm driving my sister to baton twirling, wanna come with me?" received a "Sure!" every time.

I can't believe how we see eye-to-eye on 99% of the world, and how easy it's always been for us to get along. I can't believe that throughout ten years, we've never fought, and never stopped talking. That's a friendship people envy. And they should, because we're pretty awesome.

I love how we always support each other one hundred percent. I love that no matter what happens in our lives, we're always there for one another. I love that no matter how hard things get, we're always able to talk the other person out of the deep end. I love how we make fun of each other and pretty much ruin the other person's confidence, but we never mean it and would destroy any one else who did it. I love how no matter how hard it is, we're able to be honest and tell the other person when they're wrong, especially when it comes to boys. I love how when we shop together, it's the easiest shopping experience because we get one another.

I love you.

Thank you for being my Krispy. Friends out of revenge forever.


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