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The qualities a woman looks for in a man

Updated on April 13, 2011

I am attracted to men with good looks, but it is not the one thing that will make me fall for a guy - it helps but its not the end of it.

I am more challenged by a man who has a strong conviction in life. One who knows what he wants and what he wants to fight for. In other words, one who can make me secure in dealing with the nitty-gritties of life, likewise in hurdling the major issues and concerns that we come face to face with once in a while.

If a guy's got sense of humor, then you get me hooked right away. I love to laugh. I love to have fun! I love to play! Can you imagine life with a boring, so-serious-all-the-time type of guy. nah-ah-ah. I don't want to develop wrinkles prematurely - unless they are laughlines!

Of course it is important that a person, specially a guy, is responsible. Responsibility, I believe, comes with maturity. A person who can be aswerable and accountable for what he does and/or what he says and stands by it.

Music is also a way to my heart. I like guys who loves music! A lot of plus plus if he can sing. It is not a requirement but it is a step ahead. I dont know about you, but music when shared with someone, gets to be really fun and happy, right? It stirs a different chord from the inside of me.

Call me shallow, but I like my man to be fashionable. I mean, really. There should be a strong balance between what is seen "inside" and "outside." I believe that you should represent yourself well. You should look your best all the time. "Dress for success!" thats what I call it. It doesn't have to be branded clothes all the time, please don't me wrong okay? I just admire someone who can carry himself well and be very stylish at the same time.

It is also important that a man is mentally challenging. By that, I mean, one who can engage in a sensible conversation. One who can challenge my thoughts, my convictions minus the overkill. Someone who I can learn from, and hopefully someone who is open to new ideas too.

I like my man to be sweet, saying sweet words, sending me flowers just because....opening the door for me, carrying my load, opening a can of coke zero while eating. Those little things that mean big to us women.

Taking care of his physical health is also important for me. Someone who knows proper nutrition, healthy eating and one who engages in exercise regularly. Its better to be with a healthy person who is strong and robust than to be with a lethargic, sickly guy. aaarrrggghhhh!

Last but definitely not the least, IT IS ALL IMPORTANT that a guy has faith. I mean acquiring all these physical and mental attributes are alll good, even excellent, but one factor has to be present. Spirituality. One who has faith in God and believes in HIs existence.


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    • profile image

      Mon Sawan 

      7 years ago

      Thanks, thats very helpfull, maybe this applies to majority of women.. well not to win them over but at least you'll know what ticks them and what doesnt.. God bless


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