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Lessons Learnt In Seduction

Updated on March 15, 2016
Now you'll overcome
Now you'll overcome

Lessons learnt from the craft

From the best among us in the field of seduction to the inexperienced beginners we all share a burning desire to improve our confidence when it comes to meeting and knowing the women we meet daily. Secretly the mistakes you make and the lessons learnt are universal which are only understood by the experienced here are the lessons the very best have learnt enabling them to live their lives smoothly with the amazing woman who come their way.

  • Even when you feel unsure take the risk:there are days you'll feel off balance and funny enough that’s when the oppoutunity to approach a lady who captures your attention comes calling.Nevagitive thoughts slowly creep in telling you to simpy let her go but if you choose to do so you'll later beat yourself up for missing the opportunity.This is due to the fact that such opportunities are not as common as you'd's normal to feel so but push yourself beyond your comfort zone and approach her with intent and purpose to give you and extra edge.No matter the outcome you'll come out more experienced and wiser in dealing with such thoughts.
  • Don’t regret the chances missed and mistakes made:even the very best have made their own share of mistakes in the past up to the present but their mistakes have made them better with time.If success was easily achieved there would be no lesson learnt from it so that you can improve your skill and experience in handling various obstacles till you master them.So stop beating yourself up, take time to analyze your mistakes,learn and keep trying.Soon your failure will simply give way to your delayed success with women.
  • Take charge and lead her through:a real man must take responsibility and be in charge of the situations around him.From setting up the date,first kiss and building up a relationship it's your responsibility as a man to be in control of the interaction knowing what conclusion you want to lead her into instead of hoping for something to happen.If you leave her to do everything she may lose interest or get frustrated after giving you countless chances and yet you don’t use them to fufill her wishes and desires.Take and make as many chances as possible so that you can both have a wonderful experience along the way.
  • Accept that at times you'll lose and get rejected:you wont always get the girl no matter your level of experience.she may reject you as during the approach phase or isn’t receptive no matter how hard you try. You can never force her to be attracted to you for it must happen naturally.If she isn't receptive,move on and find someone who is more interested instead of wasting your valuable time and resources if things aren’t going as expected.
  • Don’t change if it isn’t for the best:never lose sight of who you are unless she's helping you to break away from a bad habit or a negative way of life.Never let her change the kind of man you are. You may not notice it at first but she starts constantly criticizing your habits and routine(micro managing you). Gradually you feel out of touch yet,youkeep trying to change in order to pleas her.Going out of your way till you lose touch of the man you really are.Keep in mind she feel in love with the man you were before not the unoriginal person at the moment.Hence avoid someone who tries to alter your routine,habits and lifestyle.If they really care they'd accept you just as you are.
  • Don’t be too available:it's normal to want to spend more time together with the women in your life but don’t always be at her beck and call.You have a life of your own. You are busy building your future for the days ahead. Instead spend quality enjoyable time together whenever you are free rarely compromising your schedule unless a critical emergency arises on her part.
  • Purse your passions and don’t regret who you are:if you aren’t careful you'll lose touch of the man you are at heart.It may be sports,art,business,hobbies and many others.Realize these things define the kind of man you are.She fell for you while you were achieving great feats in your field so even though the relationship may take up your time don’t lose sight of your goals along the way.keep doing the things that give you fulfillment all the more being in a stable counter-productive relationship.
  • Timing and scanning is crucial: before you approach see if she’s receptive or busy at the moment. If she seems in a hurry or interacting with her friends avoid approaching her unless deep down you feel it's a rare opportunity that only a fool would ignore.If you choose to approach make a great quick impression and get her number immediately to set up a date in the near future at a more convenient time.
  • Hesitation: you see a stunning lady but you don’t know how to approach her at the moment. You try creating strategies on how you'll start an interaction with her, bond and so much more but it may be a disadvantage for you at times.Your mental preparation is well and good but your execution is lacking. If you start over thinking it you’ll become anxious and risk the chance of chickening out or blowing up your natural confidence. The first impression is crucial so if you find yourself over thinking it, approach her immediately casting all doubt aside like a champion.
  • Always be calm and composed: there times a girl will get on your nerves or you slowly start to lose confidence in your interactions with her. You may doubt your abilities ,questioning whether you have a future together but stop being so tense.Courtship is a fun and exciting process that shouldn't be too serious.It isn't a game of life and death where one mistake will cost you everything. Losing your cool won’t solve anything.It may not be easy but you must be centered and enjoy the ride. Remember you are in control.
  • Be patient:you may be trying to text her and she isn't immediately responding or picking up your calls but you must be remain calm. Accept the fact that some women will immediately be into you while some need more time. She may be busy at the moment or isn't too much interested in you. Either way don't overdo it you'll be trying too hard.A text/call or two is enough for now so be calm and carry on with your day. Surprising enough she may want to meet up after a few weeks or so.Give her some space and keep living your life as smoothly as its always been. Hence there's no need to rush be confident in your abilities as you go on.

Now you have the extra edge as you live your life avoiding the same mistakes,learning and growing more wiser at a faster rate.Meeting wonderful women who will enrich you life in all its aspects.

Till next time...


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