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LGBT People Of History Part Eighty Six Greer Lankton

Updated on April 22, 2012
Greer Lankton
Greer Lankton | Source
Greer Lankton
Greer Lankton | Source

Greer Lankton

Greer Lankton was born Greg Lankton in Flint, Michigan in 1958 to her parents, a Presbyterian minister and his wife.

Sadly Greer was born male and encountered a very rough childhood being that she was a feminine boy. It was at college that she became the victim of teasing and physical harassment by her peers.

From a very young age Greer would make dolls out of flowers, pipe cleaners and many other things that would lead to her successful career in creating life-like poseable dolls and figures.

At the age of twenty one in 1979, Greer changed her name and had sexual reassignment surgery becoming female which was paid for by her father’s church.

Gender and sexuality are the main themes in her art work.

In the early 1980s she began to show her work in the East Village’s Civilian Warfare. She became great friends with the photographer Nan Goldin and lived in her apartment at the time.

Greer met Paul Monroe in New York. The two quickly fell in love and were married in 1987 with Nan Goldin as the photographer and Greer’s father as the minister.

A pioneer - Greer is remembered today for blurring the line between fine art and folk art. In 1995 she exhibited her more famous works such as her busts of Candy Darling, circus fat ladies and dismembered heads that gained her much fame. She exhibited these works in both the Whitney Biennale and the Venice Biennale.

The largest work that she created ‘It’s all about me, not you’ is a permanent installation at the ‘Mattress Factory’ in Pittsburgh.

Sadly Greer for many years had battled and struggled with a drug addiction and anorexia and died from a drug overdose on November 18th 1996.

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LGBT People Of History Archive | Source
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LGBT People Of History Website | Source


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      Callum 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

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