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LGBT Stick Figure Sticker Sets, Gay Family Car Decals

Updated on February 13, 2013

LGBT Pride in Your Own Community

You Are Not Alone

Every LGBT adult remembers that uplifting moment when you notice a rainbow sticker on a passing vehicle or on the window of a shop as you pass by. It is the Gay Community way of telling our fellow citizens they are not alone and that we are here, we are not in hiding and we are far from ashamed.

You are going to find a new and unusual group of LGBT Pride Sticker Sets that are hard to find. Something as simple as a little sticker or magnet showing your Gay Pride can make the path for the next generation of LGBT youth feel more accepted in their current society. These tiny little gestures of LGBT Pride stickers can possibly make all of the difference to a person who feels isolated from family and friends. You know how it feels to wonder if you are the only LGBT person in the room or on the road or at an office party, well these Rainbow Pride stickers can help heal the young generations anxiety in these situations.

We are Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgendered!— The way we are meant to be.

The Gift of Acceptance

You Should Display LGBT Stick Family Stickers

You can give the gift of acceptance to a LGBT person today by showing your pride with a simple little sticker. These stickers shout, "you are perfect just the way you are, and I am one of you!" Share your community pride in a very easy and inexpensive way. Pick up a LGBT Pride Sticker Set for someone and let them know they are part of a welcoming community that isproud to be who we are!

Be Proud

Don't miss your chance to be part of this loving and proud LGBT 2012 community. It takes the courage of a community to stand up and gain ground in a fight for civil rights. A small gesture may be all you can manage, and that's okay. Some will be able to stand atop a mountain and shout about their civil rights, for some a little rainbow sticker can be just as powerful! Next time you see a LGBT pride sticker placed somewhere, be sure to let the person who placed it know they are among friends; a nod of the head, a friendly 'hi', or an out right proclamation, will be more than appreciated!

A Little LGBT Community Spirit Goes a Long Way

Priced for any pocketbook, a set of LGBT Pride Stickers can go a long way in showing just how much you care for your community. Let the world know that we are not in hiding, we are not ashamed, and above all we are a community in solidarity!

LGBT PRIDE STICKERSGay Stick Figure Family Sticker

LGBT "My Pride Family Stickers Set"

"My Pride Family Stickers Set"  Weather-resistant, extra long-lasting. 6"x 8" package size. Artist: Terri Puma
"My Pride Family Stickers Set" Weather-resistant, extra long-lasting. 6"x 8" package size. Artist: Terri Puma

Gay Pride Stick Family stickers!

All families matter!!!! Each pack includes 21 stickers: 3 6x8" sticker sheets with 2 dads, 2 moms, 2 girls of different ages, 2 boys of different ages, 2 babies, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 rainbow support ribbons, 2 rainbow hearts, 1 entwined male symbol, 1 entwined female symbol and a rainbow flag--plenty of stickers to mix and match and show your rainbow pride! Weather-resistant, extra long-lasting. 6"x 8" package size. Artist: Terri Puma

Looking for Something Really Rainbow Unique?

Ceiling fan BLADE SKINS!
Ceiling fan BLADE SKINS!

Rainbow Pride Ceiling Fan Skin Kit

Have a friend who own a Gay friendly Bar or Cub or business? Be sure to show them these rainbow decoration blade skins for that look we love best! Talk about a unique way to show LGBT Pride in your home, office, or club! These Fan Blade Skins [fan and fan blades are NOT included] are made to fit most 42" ceiling fans. If your blades are smaller than this, they will fit with a little trimming. Each skin is 18" long and 6½" wide. The AirFREE adhesive allows for easy attachment with no air bubbles to worry about. The bright colored, crisp, precision rainbow design is made from the latest UV resistant inks, which means they won't fade in direct sunlight for up to three years. Laminated with a high gloss finish brings added durability and protection. This unique product shouts just how proud you are about who you are!

This Rainbow Skin Kits are for use on the Fans you already own!



Set of 4 Gay Pride Rainbow Designed buttons

Set of 4 buttons featuring gay pride symbols in rainbow pride flag colors including a heart and peace symbol. Based on the shipping schedule, check shipping choices at checkout for delivery by December 24.

Buy Gay Pride Button Art Set-- click here!



LGBT vinyl Pride stickers

This set includes all the vinyl stickers you'll need to show your pride. Includes the following: Rainbow Triangle, Mini Rainbow Hearts (2), Rainbow Arc, Out, Rainbow Ribbon, Rainbow Flag, Pride, Rainbow Peace Hand, and Large Rainbow Strip. Stickers are various sizes. The full set as pictured measures 4" x 15".

Rainbow Pride Sticker Set



Small Colorful Rainbow (GAY) Pride stickers

These stickers are very colorful and show nicely. Thay are a smaller version of the LGBT pride stickers but have a great "WOW" factor! The smaller size allows you to show your gay pride in the smallest of places.

  • Whole Sheet Measures 4 3/8" x 5"
  • Great for Cars, Skateboards, Binders, Windows, Desks or..?
  • Spice up your belongings by adding a cool sticker!
  • Top Coating Helps This Sticker Withstand Washings or Outdoor Use!


Coexist Sticker Religious symbols in rainbow colors

This LGBT Pride Bumper Sticker with round Coexist design of religious symbols in rainbow colors printed on 4" square vinyl, conveys the feelings of peace. No judgment, just living together in a humane manner...wouldn't that be something?


Gayest one in town sticker

Only the proudest LGBT folks can pull off this "Gayest One" decal!

This new design captures all of the LGBT Pride in town measuring 4.8 x 4.8 x 0.1 inches in deminsion. This is the loudest statement of Gay pride in the selections today. Only the proudest LGBT people can pull off this "Gayest One" decal.


Check-out these New Rainbow design Skins for gadgets that show your LGBT pride is out and tech-savvy!



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  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    7 years ago from Northern, California

    HT~ It is so reassuring to know that gracious hearts such as yours are out there helping to keep tolerance in action. The youth of the LGBT community has had a seriously brutal and self loathing year at the hands of many cruel and unknowing bullies. The TV series GLEE has broached the subject best and permitted the audience to see just how painful it can be for the victims.

    Never being afraid of who we are and how we were born may help to seal the wounds and heal some of the hurtful fears leading the bullies into the arena of hate. It is up to our generation to live accordingly and openly for the sake of those who are too follow. We must lay down the trails for equal rights and non-judgment for our young people to travel upon. Otherwise, we are simply living to die; leaving nothing of ourselves to be remembered while reeking with the absence of legacy. Having nothing to be proud of is far too depressing to be buried with.

    Thank you for your comments Healing touch. I am always honored by your visits and moved by your ways. It's a rare commodity you maintain within your chest. A thing not to be squandered while it remains a healing tool that you share so selflessly.

    ~Always choose love~


  • profile image

    Healing touch 

    7 years ago

    Great job. Your so great. I am so sad of all the news lately on the young people killing themselves because they are being bullied because they are gay. I was so moved by the man on the you tube video that is in the senate and cried and told his story of being bullied because he was gay. I do all I can to teach tolerance.


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