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LIES, LIES and LIARS Is that all that's left?

Updated on December 30, 2011

I just finished reading an article titled "Signs Your Spouse (boyfriend/husband) is lying" and the related comments that followed. That article was intended to be read by woman and it specifically targeted men.
I'm not going to quote it word for word, But in short it stated that when confronted with questions of a certain nature, if your man's eyes peered to the right he was most likely trying to recall information that would allow him to answer truthfully. On the other hand if his eyes peered to the left he was most likely trying to come up with a lie. It went on to say that if he was fidgety, or evasive, or if he stuttered, or maybe there was a little sweat on his forehead it may be a sign that he's not being truthful therefore he was lying. The signs that may indicate a man is lying according to this article were numerous to say the least. Everything from scratching an ear to biting your nails or being over talkative to being silent.

In the comments from the readers I found things like "I knew he was lying by the way his voice sounded" and "I should have seen it then but I didn't, he was all fidgety and couldn't sit still. I knew he was lying I just knew it. Here's a good one- My mother was right. She always said if a man won't look you in the eyes when he's talking to you he's definitely lying ! And this one "Every man I've ever been with was a liar! But what stood out the most in this article wasn't so mush the point that the author was trying to make, "That All Men Are Liars" but that there were so many woman to eager and willing to believe wholeheartedly that what they were reading was in fact the truth. Now i may see the point if one woman was to say that all the men that she has had in her life were liars and i would even feel sorry for her, for having to go through life with such people. But to make such a statement as "All Men Are Liars" is completely ridiculous! Wow! That's a lot.

At first i thought the author (a woman) was a total crack pot, she knows not what she is talking about, But by the time i finished reading it i was beginning to wander. Not that all men are liars, but do you women really believe this to be true ? Do you really believe that your boy friend or your husband, the man your married too, the one you are to love and cherish, the one person that you climb into bed with to hold and have sex with and are suppose to trust above all else. Do you actually believe him to be nothing more than a "LIAR" If that's the case then what is that really saying about you?

The article it's self proved to be quite funny, (from a man's point of view I found it sort of entertaining, too a small degree). what I found not so funny were the amount of people (women) that put so much faith into what they had read, that they allowed their judgment to be guided by it's content. I think people already have enough drama in their lives that they really don't need an outsider stiring the pot.

This Hub is my attempt at setting the record straight and i hope that through it, I might be able to open some eyes and convey the message that
"All Men Are Not Liars"! To say that all men are liars is like a man saying to his buddies that all woman are "C#%T'S"! That they "Can't Understand Normal Thinking". Now I'm sure that there are more men who lie and who fall under the category of liars than there are that don't. Just as I'm sure that more woman are real C@$T'S than not. I also feel that there are many more people who exhibit these so called signs (your lying) for many different reasons, not just because they are lying. Far more often any one or more of these so called "signs your lying" could also be a sign for any number of other things..
Consider this; Just maybe the guy that's sweating a lot really is telling the truth and he might only be sweating because it's hot ! And is it likely that he who scratches his head is not lying but only has an itch. Oh and what about this ? The guy who really can't come up with a legitimate answer to your questions because he really does not remember. It's not because he has something he's trying to hide from you, it's because he really can't recall certain things because what he was doing was not anything all that important, to him. Had he known that there would be twenty questions. he would have paid more attention or maybe even took notes. So just for the record, as men we don't always pay as close attention too details like
date's, time's, place's or name's like all of you ladies would like us to but that does not make us a liar.!

My friend's, I'm not a doctor of any kind. I'm not a marriage or drug counselor. Nor do i have any advanced schooling or training that would qualify me as an expert. I only have the experience's I've gained throughout my life. I've been all over these United States in my 48 years and I've had the opportunity of meeting a good number of people from all walks of life and one thing that I've learned for sure, As a people we all definitely do not fit in to a single category.

We have all had people in our lives that were not the best people to have in our lives. But we can't say that all the people in our lives were bad. Just as we all had people through out our lives that lied to us but that does not mean that those same people always lied to us. I hope you've noticed that I'm using the word people and not men. It's because this is not a one sided issue. Hell some of the woman in my own life were/are some of the best liars I've ever met. So with all that I've said i hope you weren't so bored you dosed off. I have just one final thought: Ladies if your guy comes home sometime and he's just a bit late and acting sort of strange , don't be too quick to judge and accuse. May be he's late because he was stuck in traffic (especially if you live in California) and may be he's acting weird because he is weird,

Remember that were all human and as a human we all have a natural tendency to want to tell the truth. We have to actually try real hard to make up any lies so most of choose not to strain our selves by lying and just tell the truth.

Thanks for reading



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