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Updated on September 18, 2010

Loving The Little People So We can Walk Together

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It Is Only Little People

Like so many of us


He had never been loved,

So he knew almost nothing

About loving



So he captured

What he thought was

The love of his life,

Shackled her,

Laid claim to her,

Took possession,


To the world,

"She is all mine."


Isn’t that what love is?


And then, of course,

He was angry,

Really angry and hurt

When she refused his bidding.

He pushed her away,

Shackles and all.

He pouted,

His heart ached.

He was really

Just a little boy

Whom no one had ever


Ever loved before..


So one day,

She said to him,

"I cannot love you.

You are not the love of my life."

"But I can tell you this.


"Once, there was a master.

He awoke

One day,

And by some inspiration from God


That today was the day

He would let all of his slaves go



One of the slaves

Was a woman

Whose beauty

He had never noticed

Before this very moment

Of granting her freedom.

She was the evening

And the morning star,

The brightest

As the sun falls and rises.

He watched her disappear

Into the horizon

At the farthest edge of his land.


Oh, how he wanted

To chase after her

Enslaving her for his own delights.

But something inside

Held him back.


The Master then spent the next year

Visiting a nearby chapel

Night and day,

Praying that God would reveal to him

Why he needed slaves

In the first place.


And one day

In the midst of his meditation

He became aware of another presence

In the chapel.


He recognized her,

but she did not recognize him.


With great hesitation,

He asked her,

"And what may I ask,

Most beautiful woman,

Are you praying for?"


"I have been a slave all of my life,"

She freely said.

"I know well

How to serve.

I know nothing of love.

Either loving

Or being loved.

So I am praying

That the God who is love

Will teach me or show me


Others call love."


He replied,

"I have been here everyday,

Beautiful woman,

Praying also.

I didn’t realize till this moment

That I too was praying for love.


"And I will continue,

Being here every day


And if you would ever consider

Walking with me

Through the surrounding forest,

If you would ever consider

Rolling down a hill of green grass with me

And laughing till we cry,

If you would ever consider

Lying next to me

Gazing into the sky at the evening star,

I would consider doing it all with you."


"I’ve never had such an invitation," she said.

Could this be love? Would I still be free?"


"Totally free," he said.

He knew full well,

At that moment,

The risk of love,

Never possessing the beloved,

Always carrying the possibility

Of the beloved’s no,

but always carrying the possibility

Of the beloved’s yes.


"So how does the story end," he asked her.

"Do they run off and live happily ever after?"


"I don’t know the end of the story," she said.

I haven’t arrived there yet myself.

I do know what you deserve.

I do know what I cannot give you.

I do know there is probably a way out of this dilemma

Where maybe you could be the love of my life.

But you would have to take off these shackles

And perhaps more than anything

Take care of that little boy.

He was abandoned, you know,

By the big people.

And you are now

A big people.

And you don’t have to abandon him as well."


"What little boy are you talking about?" he asked.


"It saddens me that you do not know him,

That you have distanced yourself from him,

That out of some quest for manliness

You, like the others, have abandoned him

Over and over.

Every day

He sits in that corner

Yearning for you

To recognize him.

I cannot help you with this.

But if there is hope for us,

He is it.

If you take him in,

He will transform your soul


It is only little people

Who live and die

In our souls.

Perhaps when you take care of him

Then you can love me

And I can love you."


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    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 7 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      Thanks for stopping by, FGual. Yes, and unfortunately inside every woman a hurt little girl and so we end up being like two little kids sometimes and cannot or do not enjoy the fullness of our relationships.

      thanks so much for reading and commenting. I think your face is new to me and will have to check out your hubs


    • FGual profile image

      FGual 7 years ago from USA

      This is a profound story, as inside every man is a hurt little boy.

    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 7 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      Well, maybe the lust is exactly how you enslaved both you and them. So the lust keeps you shackled, and neither one of you are free to be more of yourselves. How old were you with the lady across the hall? I can get really silly here and guess something like yesterday!!! Those early experiences are quite interesting and quite profound and not from any moral perspective, but more from how our brain begins to create mental models of what, in this case, sex is all about.

      Well, I think we have visited twice today! Did you take the test yet?!

      Thanks for reading and commenting and being so open.


    • justom profile image

      justom 7 years ago from 41042

      I never engaged in the enslaving, my problem my whole life is not anything more than lust. I've hurt every woman I've loved and it took me way too long to figure that out. It did start with the little boy though, the first time he saw the lady that lived across the hall using the community shower. He was totally hooked from that day on :-) Peace!! Tom

    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 7 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      Thank you Anonymous. Thanks for the hugs and kisses and the love. It is obviously both a man and a woman issue and my hope for my fellow brothers is we can support each other in loving you wonderful beautiful women instead of enslaving you.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


    • profile image

      xoxo 7 years ago

      Poignant, touching the "me" taught to be enslaved by my parents who sadly were enslaved themselves to God, others, and eachother. This legacy, like any other gets perpetuated. I was a good girl. I learned the lessons well and lived them fervantly, thinking this was the way of love. I appreciate your courage and awareness Vern. Thank you, I love you! Anonymous