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Updated on August 13, 2012



Love is the true emancipator. How ? We go around our life toiling ourselves and in some cases toiling others who are around us , just to bring light of prosperity and peace towards us. But, how far are we successful ? Mere money or status, will never take us to the peaks of joy or give us a sense of attainment. God, has given us a wonderful tool to bring a feeling of oneness and joy, by which we can relax in this mechanical world filled with nothing but chaos and jealousy.

Yes. Love. Have you ever loved anybody from your heart ? Most of us might have done that. It might be your dear most friend, your family or even your pet. Leave alone loving your country. That has to be inbuilt in you . Loving is a wonderful experience and sharing our love towards others is another hearty feeling which gives you a feeling of oneness and brings you joy.

There are many kinds of love. Parental Love, friendship, romance( which is the most common love found), love for your pets. Some even love their cars, like they love their girlfriend. Let’s see what makes the difference between all these various types of love. Love is the same, but the object varies.

1.Parental Love -  Are you a parent ? Then I don’t have to explain what is about a parental love for their children. It is one of the purest love to be found. It has no end and no conditions are to be found in this type of love. Parents love their children, more than they love themselves or their career. Why ? Its because their children are their future and they are brought into this world by them. Its said that its their duty to give them a good future and take care of them until they are ready to take care of themselves. But, will that alone be the object of loving their kids. No. Parents love to love their kids. They never want any compromises in this. It gives them a feeling of joy when they adore their child with all the care they can provide them and give them the comfort which even they themselves will hesitate to have it for their own. In simple terms, they sacrifice everything for their children. Of course your parents have also done the same thing by which we enjoy our present status.

2. Love for our friends – This is another type of love, wherein nothing is expected in return. But, the problem with this type of love is, very few friends enjoy the love of friendship permanently all through their life. Friendship often is changed according to the tides of life. When you are a kid , you have different friends, when you grow up and go to college, then you mix with various types of friends and again you forget your old friends or to put it in practical terms you lose you touch with them and start appreciating your newly acquired friendship and behave as though your friendship is something unfound. Which also is subjected to change according to our circumstances and tastes. Very few friends have deep understanding and maintain their love for their friends till the end. So love for our friends cant be taken as permanent and pure, but for a few. This varies at every stages of our life.

3.Loving our family – Loving your family is a common factor found in almost all of us. Each and every one of us have a family and whether we are good or bad, that doesn’t matter, but we love our family. Everyone wants to love their family and also be loved by their family members. Rich or poor, this is a common expected feeling found in human beings. This gives us strength and support for our living and to earn a good name in our society. If you are a good family man, then that alone earns a good point in being a responsible person of your society.  If no body like you, then that shows you to be a lone rider and everyone will tend to avoid you because lone persons seem to behave strangely with people which might  be unacceptable. By loving your family, you deserve to be a heir of a good family and by which you are seen as an example by your heirs and closed ones.

3.Romantic Love – Well, this is the most common love found to be all public and eagerly looked upon by people. Loving your partner is something which has to be experienced. Your partner may be your girl friend or your wife and vice versa. A boy who is in love, usually at an early stage itself, comes under the influence of the girl totally and he is prepared to go to any extent, just to satisfy his mate. Girls, who normally wants her boy friend to be crazy about her, plays the game of love very tactfully to keep him guessing always and by which holds the reins of her boy friend until something drastically happens to break up. This too, happens to be corrupted in modern days due to the effect of modern thinking and giving more importance to money and fame, rather than true love. But, there are true loving mates, who love each other till the end even when they are not in the same boat of life. These type of lovers are found to be true in their feeling towards their mate and secretly nurture their love however long it may take for their dreams to come true or take it to their graves with themselves.

4. Loving your neighbors – “LOVE THY NEIGHBOURS AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF” .  Jesus Christ, seems to have known the importance of this love, as his sayings go.  Even though Christ had told this, how many of us are loving our neighbors. We try to have our distance with them in the first place. When we are in a situation of danger or when we are in need of help only, we think of talking to our neighbors. Wrong approach. Always we should have a good rapport with our neighbors, which is an important step in ensuring our safety. This makes oneself known to everybody and gives us a chance to approach for help without any guilt feeling when we are in trouble or in circumstances of emergency. The saddest part , particularly in the West, is very few know , who lives next door. This is somewhat better in other parts of the world, but they too are moving into this mood of aloofness by following the western culture in each and every way of life. Kids are the first to be affected or gained depending on our relationship with our neighbors. Some kids don’t even have play mates at home especially in cities which makes them to feel lonely and devout their time on TV, which in turn is a very bad influence on them. When they have good play mates, they tend to spend their energy and have good refreshing moments before calling it a day. Even women can exchange their stories and expand their knowledge and experiences.

5. Love towards Pets – I cant finish this before putting something about pets. One of the purest love you get in this world is from your pets. They don’t know, who you are , how rich you are or what type of a person you are. Nothing. They just love you, provided you love them too. Especially dogs. They are wonderful creatures which enrich our lives. Dogs usually watch our emotions before approaching us. If they find us sad or angry  they try to cool you by their own way of licking or wagging their tails and moaning. And they are very sensitive to your words too. If you shout at them angrily, then some dogs never take their food, until they are cooled. People have different types of pets like parrots, cats, mice etc. Some go to the extent of having a tiger too, as in the case of some Buddhist monks. The taste differs, but the love is the same.

6. Love towards God -  I have put this love as the last one because, we tend to go to God, only after everything is lost or at the end of our life do we remember the creator. His love is always unconditional. But, do we have unconditional love towards God. I don’t think so. We ask him day after day to either give me this or that, or some even ask him why he gave something to his neighbor and not me. Even the most religious persons ask for salvation in return for their love towards him. God patiently hears all of us and gives his own justice by how much we deserve.

 So, these various types of love give us a feeling of relief and joy depending upon the extent we love and being loved. Our thoughts become pure and good when we love someone in the truest form . We want to share our feelings, things and our experiences with our loved ones. By which, our bad thoughts and desperations might be removed and give us a feeling of comfort and joy. Your joy depends upon how much people you love and by how much people you are loved. Good people always have a smiling face and try to give their unconditional love towards everyone they come across. These are the people who make this world to carry on to the future.     





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    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

      I love this lovely Hub! You beautifully expressed all kinds of love. Thank you for this pleasure. I certainly agree with your words. Welcome to the Hub Pages Community!

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      beautiful love hub read thanks