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Updated on February 25, 2016

To maintain a relationship, love and feelings is not enough.

Although it has power to unite two people under the deep desire to spend the rest of their lives together, it does not guarantee that the relationship will endure.

You need other things. And the concept of love in the context of a relationship contains some important elements. Thus we see that love is not simply an abstract and romantic experience, which does not accommodate the will of man.The love besides being a powerful feeling, is a decision, an act of will and commitment between two people. The love also includes the idea that it is a complex exchange of rewarding behaviors, both in their motor, cognitive and emotional dimensions.

At the beginning of a relationship, everything seems like a dream. At the stage of infatuation, there is an overflow of love and feelings in which the positive qualities of the person are idealized and neutralize negative. As conflicts are emerging, many of the expectations held collide with reality and emerging situations that if not handled properly lead to a series of conflicts and constant struggle ... anger and resentment builds up not ventilate .

The balance of trade of rewarding behavior that was once prevalent, decreases dramatically. And gradually couples are leaving the ratio at the mercy of events ... until one day when they doubt their feelings and their relationship comes. It is therefore, that the loss of love is a process that will occur with the wear of a relationship that has not worked. Hence, it is a duty of each partner to assume the responsibility to work for the relationship.

'' A husband went to visit a wise counselor and said he did not want his wife that he feltlove and feelings for her and I thought separated.
The wise only said one word: '' Amela ''. But I do not feel anything for her, the man said. . '' Amela '' replied the wise
and to the dismay of the man, after an appropriate silence, the sage said: '' Love is a decision, not just a feeling. Amar is dedication and commitment. '' Love is a verb and the result of that action is love . Love and feelings is an exercise in gardening: Start making damage, prepare the soil, plant, be patient, water and care. Be prepared because there will be pests, drought or excessive rainfall, but not why leave your garden. Love your partner, that is, accept, Assess her, respect her, give affection and tenderness, simply admire and comprehend it. That's it ... love it.


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