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Updated on May 11, 2010

Where Is He?

 We search desperately everyday for that perfect relationship and that perfect man, but does that perfect speciman exist, I think not. Not in the perfect sense, anyway. Are we expecting to much? I don't think so, not with all the the losers lurking out there , waiting to pounce on us and waste years of our lives with their crap and disfunction. Are we putting to much pressure on men to be perfect? We don't want you to be perfect, but be who you say you are. That's called respect!!!

Who you should be!!

We want loving, respect, we want you to be our best friend, our soft place to fall, after a hard day,we want you to be a good and descent, honest person, who is who he says he is. NO SURPRISES!!! We want you to be a good and attentive lover in the bedroom and out. Fill our needs, not just yours. You'll find out it's more fun that way!! Be Attentive out of the bedroom,  hold us, kiss us, hold hands, let us know we're yours.  Don't just assume!! Respect what we do and support it, we will do the same in return. Finally, Just be our Prince Charming, and don't turn into that ugly frog!!!!

A Womans' Role In the Relationship

I believe strongly you have to be a good woman to your man if your going to have and keep a good and happy man around!! Praise, Your man loves to be praised. My God, Bitching and nagging is not going to ever get you what you want. When your guy does something you ask , PRAISE HIM, he'll be inclined to please you again. You'll see! Love him!! You chose this sweet man to share your life with, show him why, everyday!! My mother nagged my father right into the basement and that is where is virtually spends his time, even eating his meals.He says , that's were he's happiest. Sad, isn't it!!

The Boy In Me

 One of the worst things a woman can do to a man is take his toys away from him! You have to nurture the little boy inside your grown man to keep him happy. I have a girlfirend, who married a best friend of mine and after the wedding, announced he would be getting rid  of his old classic car and his motorcycle because he was a family man now!! This was not her descision to make and compromise is key in a marriage. His depression and her bossiness were the downfall in their marriage, because of one mistake on her part. Respect each others needs and hobbies, it will keep your love alive and fun!!

Stay True To Who You Are!

So many times us woman get our man and literally just figure, we got him, our work is done. It's not!! Keep him interested, don't turn into a frumpy old maid just cause your a mom, moms can be sexy. Don't turn into a unapproachabble psycho bitch from hell and wonder why he never pays attention to you. Marriage is equivilant to a job, work at it ,spice it up with new ideas, have fun,love and laugh.Most all don't be too serious, loving  someone can be so special so embrace all your differences and enjoy, enjoy!!

You want to find love, be lovable!

Don't start out in a relationship all loveable and become to tired and distant as the relationship wears on. You've got to play the game,he fell in love with you for a reason, make sure he always knows what that was!! He'll Stick around! Vice Versa!!

What makes us happy!!

 Guys!!!  Do things for us , without us asking you to and we don't just mean mean in the bedroom. Thats how woman feel loved and valdated.We take care of kids, work outside of the home, it just shows us your paying attention and you want to lighten our load. We'll be happier and so will you.

What Is Sexy?

 Sexy is gently kissing the back of  my neck, taking your time during our intimate hours to please me, telling me how pretty I still am to you, even if i'm getting older .Cleaning up after supper and massaging my feet afterwards, gets me in a warm and toasty mood. I'm  sure other woman have other ideas about how they want the man in their life to treat them . This is mine!!

I want to get Married!!

Well I was married once, so this time I intend on doing it right so I don't have to do a Divorce American Style again. i blamed alot my husband, he wasn't perfect by all means, but we were very young and eager to get out into the world.  Much wiser now! I want to love my man , not swallow him up whole and take away his identity. I think that ruins  a lot of marriages  ,keep your interests, have fun, outside of your couplehood, you'll appreciate each other more. Don't give up the things that you love, like if you love to go to church and your man doesn't go anyway, find a friend to go with. That's what I mean!!   KEEP YOUR OWN IDENTITY!!!


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