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Updated on October 3, 2012
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sample pictures that your relationship is genuine
sample pictures that your relationship is genuine
sample pictures that your relationship is genuine

At last! The NOA2 has been approved, and you got a mail from the US Embassy Philippine Consulate that you have to schedule your visa appointment with the US Embassy BUT… the letter says that you need to do the following prior to your interview:

A.) Pay the K Visa application fee before you can schedule your appointment. Pay the equivalent peso amount in accredited banks in the Philippines. For more information of the fees and the banks information click here >>>> . Note: This Visa fee is non-transferable and valid for one year.

B.) Schedule your Visa Appointment at the Visa Information and Appointment Service or visit the website: Be ready to provide the operator your Case Number (found at the bottom of the mail you got from the US Embassy, it starts with MNLxxxxxxxxxxx), Passport Number and Expiration Date, the Receipt Number of the K Visa Application fee and your Visa Category. Hint: Don’t schedule your interview appointment at a near date. Give an allowance for your medical examination, normally; these are a 2 to 3-day experience if you don’t have any problems with your medical exam result.

C.) Complete your Medical Examination before coming to your interview. For now, the accredited medical facility is St. Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic (SLMCEC); there is a corresponding fee for the medical exam, at least prepare $250 (this includes an extra allowance for passport pictures, photocopying and, etc.) and pay the equivalent amount in peso. This is a first-come first-served basis; therefore, it is advised that you should go to your medical exam at a minimum of one week before your actual interview. Based on my experience, I went to St. Luke’s clinic two weeks before my actual interview. I have done this to give allowance for the unexpected events that will happen during the medical exam. My walkthrough experience and tips during the medical exam on my next article.


Below are the documentations I bring on the day of my interview, these are not the exact documents to bring because some cases you need more than what are enumerated here.

1.) Proof of Payment

This is the K-1 Visa Application fee that you pay at the accredited bank. Keep this at a safe place. They will ask this at the interview. You can’t have your interview without this proof of payment.

2.) Bring all Required Documents:

a.) Unexpired and Valid Passport

You will present this at the interview. You should see to it that your passport is valid for at least six (6) months as they require. However, if you think that your passport is about to expire renew it early before you get your interview and medical exam.

b.) DS-156 Nonimmigrant Visa Application

c.) DS-157 Supplemental Nonimmigrant Application

d.) DS-156K Nonimmigrant Fiancé(e) Visa Application

Be sure that the form you fill up is current. To know that the form is current, check the date of expiration/validity at the top corner or below of the form. Or click this for the form (DS-156,DS-157,DS-156k) >>>> . Hint. Fill up the forms correctly and supply all true facts. Always accomplished two or three copies each.

e.) Birth Certificate (NSO Document)

This is not a birth certificate that you can get at the Local Civil Registrar. This is the document you get at the National Statistics Office.

f.) NBI Clearance

Get a NBI clearance for travel purposes not for local.

g.) Evidence of genuine engagement

Bring as more evidence you have that your relationship is true and genuine. The more evidence you showed them the better. (Example: letters, cards, pictures, money transfers, plane tickets etc.)

h.) Proof of termination of Prior Marriage (if applicable)

This document pertains to the court papers that state your previous marriage is null and void, and you’re allowed to marry. Both parties (petitioner & fiancé (e)


This document is from National Statistics Office (NSO) that certifies there is no marriage entered or recorded into their database that is in your name. I don’t know if the petitioner needs a CENOMAR for his not a citizen in my country but in my case just to be sure I got two CENOMAR, for me and my husband.


These are the documents that you will ask from your husband or wife to be that he/she can support you, and you will not be a public charge or financial burden to taxpayers. These are: Affidavit of Support (I-134), Latest Income Tax (Form 1040), Wage of Statements (Form W-2). Certification of Employment stating Salary and Bank Statements. Be sure to download the latest Affidavit of Support Form in USCIS website. To download I-134 click this>>>

Those above-mentioned documentations are the basics requirements for fiancé (e ) who is single like me, no criminal records, and never been living outside the country. For those people who have special cases (if you live abroad, have criminal cases, but it is already been settled, previous marriage) click this to guide you .>>>>> and select the K1 Interview Preparation Instructions.

Lastly, organize your documents in a folder or envelope. During the interview, Officers-in-charge will ask many documents from you and organizing it will help a lot in making your interview experience smooth and easy.


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    • profile image

      joyce 2 years ago

      Thank you for this informative post. If you are in need of a fillable K1 form; I was able to get one from PDFfiller has a search engine which allows user to electronically fill out form. I was able to esign and email the document. It's very easy to use.