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Ladies today is the day to let him go

Updated on October 6, 2012

The following men need to be removed from your phone and memory. I promise you that room in your spirit will allow new potentials or a greater person to become part of your life.

Today is the day you focus on what you want, what you won’t allow, and forget that horrible words: settle, tolerate, or manage. Today is the day you stop saying phrases like: But what’s the big deal if we aren’t in a relationship but we do everything together OR He’s not so bad.

Teddy P. wrote about “Love TKO” and that includes allowing anyone to string you along or treat you in a way that compromises your dignity and self respect. Having someone around is not worth the cost of allowing someone to treat you whatever way they want or having someone play with your emotions. Remember, people usually fall in one of two categories; either they love you or hate you. Very few people remain in an in-between status. The danger of being around someone who is in that in-between status or hate’s you is that they will eventually manifest their feelings through actions. There is no worse hurt then to be around someone who pretends to care for you but truly doesn’t; believe me, sooner or later they will act out their feelings.

The following people need to be erased from your life:

Men stringing you along in a “non-relationship” status with no plans for a future with you. Men who hug, kiss you, care for you and do the whole nine yards except offer a commitment. If that’s what you want then don’t be afraid to draw your line in the sand or take your toys and move on. There is nothing worse than allowing a man to waste your time.

Men who play games and are unreliable should never hear from you again. I’m not talking about a reschedule, I’m talking about someone and dishonest presentation. If he thinks he plays the game the best, let him be surprised to find out that you packed up the chess pieces, folded the board, and no longer entertaining his invitations to play. No further explanation is needed to elaborate on this point.

People who exhibit poor character, poor morals, and horrible values for eventually they will practice these traits on you. Ever hung out with a deceitful person or a thief, it’s just a matter of time before they steal from you.

Let go of anyone who does not value you. You shouldn’t have to tell a man to be respect, not flake, or not offer to come over to your house to eat up your food on the first date. If that man is incapable of respecting you, honoring your boundaries, and being considerate of you then there is nothing to talk about. Madonna wrote a song called: The Power of Goodbye in which she wrote there if no greater power than the power of goodbye.

Do not date down. Date on your level and up. The greatest problems in a relationship consists of not seeing eye to eye and when you date someone who is not on the same mental level, life focus, or path to success you might be trying to create it’s like saddling up on an untamed horse.

In your mind create your own constitution. I’m not talking about the superficial. Your constitution should include your deal-breakers and a clear declaration of what you find acceptable in your life. Honor, character, principles, values, trust, morals, respect, intelligence, life purpose, heart, and reciprocity are usually pretty good starts to creating this self-governed constitution. When you find yourself questioning the value or interaction of someone in your life then go back to your constitution and determine the course of action based on what you find acceptable in your life.


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    • Peanutritious profile image

      Tara Carbery 5 years ago from Cheshire, UK

      Love this! So true! I am guilty of dating down and I need to value myself more. If you don't have pride in yourself then noone else will. Voted up!

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Or today is the day to get kicked to the curb!