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Ladies Appreciate Yourselves--"Lady P" Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens' Women Of Substance--Her Photos Are Shown Below

Updated on September 20, 2011

"Ladies--You Are Amazing!"

Images Of Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens
Images Of Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens

"Andrea LadyPhenomena Stephens' Rendition--Women Of Substance"

You are simply exotic! You are so beautiful! Everthing about you is unique! Do you know how special you are? These are just a few of some of the wonderful comments that were made by Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens during her rendition of "Women Of Substance." This production was by far amazing. Some of the ladies who were in the audience were very enthusiastic after leaving the seminar. "Lady P" knows how to uplift the human spirit and explains that her gift to women is emotional restoration. Many of the women who attended the seminar were divorcees, women who were victims of both physical abuse and emotional abuse, and women who were victims of rape and molestation. There was an unusual number of women who had issues with their weight and suffered from depression as a result of obesity.

"Women Of Substance" is a must see! The quote of the day is "You Are Lovely And Wonderful." See yourself as I see you.

City Access has nicknamed Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens "The Gorgeous Guru."

The Goddess In You--Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens

The "Women Of Substance" seminar teaches women all over the country to fall in love with themselves and how to love themselves. Christian values and morality play a vital role in healing and being able to progress and move forward toward the future. Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens encourages women to discover the goddess within.

Edification Of Our Human Spirit--Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens

Images Of Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens
Images Of Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens


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