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How to Improve your Dating Profile

Updated on March 5, 2019

Having tried various popular dating sites for many in the past, I remember having come across a lot of poorly constructed profiles. You should want to sell yourself, like in an interview. You need to give it a lot of effort and thought. You need to make yourself sound interesting.If you find it too hard to do that, then maybe you shouldn’t be focusing on dating, you should be focusing on self improvement and making yourself more interesting. The dating world is not easy, whether you’re a man or a woman. But for men, finding anyone to respond to you or successfully initiate a conversation is a much harder task, and it will take you more effort to make your profile stick out. Nevertheless, this guide is for both men and women. You might find some of these to be obvious, but from my past personal experience looking at others, it isn’t obvious for everyone.

First comes the username. Not all dating services let you make your own screen name anymore, but if you’re on one of the few that still let you do that, then you should get creative with it. Think about your interests and somehow combine it with your name. You don’t have to use your real name though, if you’re not comfortable and like a sense of security, then maybe omit any hint of your real name and use an online name. Don’t use a screen name you use too often around other parts of the internet, you never know if someone will use that information to stalk you. Highly unlikely, but if you want to cover all of your bases it’s a good thing to consider.

Most importantly comes the main profile picture. What you should do is take (recent) fully clothed pictures of your entire body, and make it the first image. Make it a unique and fun image. Do not do anything trashy, like giving the middle finger with your tongue out, unless you want people to think you have the personality of an immature frat boy. Most women often complain about men who have images of themselves in the mirror. I personally don’t understand why, but it is nicer to have the viewer see you out and about doing something exciting. If you want to use a picture of yourself and your friends (no matter the gender), you’ll want to either crop them out or blur their faces, so the viewer isn’t confused as to which one you are. If you're just too lazy of a person to edit your photo, at the very least dont take a picture of yourself next to someone far more attractive. If you want to edit your photos, grab a free photo editing software like GIMP to accomplish this if you don't have photoshop. Make sure you have more than just one photo. Show people pictures of you enjoying your hobbies, assuming you have them. Using filters is not a great way to make you look better for a first impression. It can feel like you’re doing that to cover up how you really look. People want to see your natural face, even if you do look cuter with whatever deceiving filter you put on. Regarding makeup, I would advise against it. And don’t forget to smile! Even a semi neutral smile is acceptable, but do not frown. Frowns are not attractive. You want to be honest about your appearance. Do not lie. No one wants to date a catfish, people will find out. Just be yourself!

Now for the description, the meat of your profile. If they got this far after seeing your photos, you’re doing good! It’s good to start off by talking about your personality and all other aspects of what makes you, you. Don’t treat this section like a live journal though, make it as short and sweet to the point as you can possibly make it. Be positive about yourself. Talk more about things you like rather than things you don’t like. It’s ok to be a little negative to talk about things you dislike, but only a little bit. Don’t talk about your ex. You can mention what you want and don’t want based on what you learned from previous experiences, but don’t get too personal and specific. Make sure to talk about hobbies, as it’s a good conversation starter for anyone who might be interested in messaging you. Also talk about what kind of movies, music, shows, games, etc. that you enjoy, so that they can better know about your compatibility. Talk about your hopes for the future and what you’re looking for at the moment, what you’re want in a partner.

There are certain things you definitely should want to avoid when talking about yourself. Do not try to brag too much. When you’re writing, do not use all caps, not even if it’s just one paragraph. Also, people don’t want to see a row or a scattered bunch of emojis, it does not add anything unique, it just takes up space, and comes off as juvenile. Don’t say that your friends forced you into coming here, people want to know you’re there to be serious. Don’t lie about anything, this should be obvious, but it happens. The other person will find out eventually and be disappointed.

You should write at least a few paragraphs or more so people know the right amount about you to be confident that they want to meet up. I’d recommend 3 or 4. If you follow this guide, you should have a pretty good profile. But, in the end it's up to you what you want it to be like. In the meantime, you could always increase you chances by working on yourself. Go to the gym, learn new skills, do what makes you feel positive. Eat healthy. If you feel like you need to loose a few pounds, you can always try the veto diet to loose pounds fast. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in the comments!

Best General Dating Sites (based on experience)

  • Bumble
  • Okcupid (got worse ever since you have to match in order to see the message right away)
  • Plenty Of Fish (mostly a fake profile graveyard now)

Worst General Dating Sites (based on experience)

  • Match (You'll see this one advertised everywhere, but it's expensive and no one responds)
  • Eharmony (Will narrow things down too much and you wont even know what the other person will look like until you match... at least for some reason that was my experience)
  • Zoosk (Basically match but somehow worse)

© 2019 Rusty Shackleford


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