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Learn to Win a Man's Heart in 10 Easy Steps

Updated on September 29, 2017

Challenge Him Intellectually

Let's be honest. What bigger turn-on is there for a man than a woman who acknowledges her intelligence and is willing to reflect it across everyone, including her partner? Now men may seem complicated, but quite frankly, they're not a quarter sized amount as difficult as we imagine them to be. What they truly, utterly seek is a lady with brains who isn't afraid to give off her inner smartness, whether it be through advising on an issue as simple as house craft or giving off the impression of being independent in the business field. These are essential guides to claiming a man's complete attention and allowing for endless, mindful, midnight conversations that will sustain his wonder as to where he was ever able to find such dedication and perseverance within a woman.

Be Natural And Show Him Your True Self

Traditionally speaking, men are portrayed to be supermodel chasing, sports car driving, beer chugging organisms that have no interest in getting to know women while they're in their natural state. Wrong. Not only do gentlemen want to meet your true side which you don't necessarily share with everyone on a daily basis purposefully, but are also willing to adore and appreciate what Mother Nature has offered you since day one and are more than endorsing when it comes to letting go of all the harsh criticism a plethora of women happen to impose over themselves. Contrarily, men are non surprisingly wired to go after femininity, and by that meaning, characteristics that determine a woman, a woman. Whether it be an all natural face, curves or uneven hair, the fact remains one. It makes no difference to a man unless the woman wearing all her features is confident enough to flaunt them and cause him to feel in awe given her tendency to love herself for who she is.

Attempt To Cook For Him, And Teach Him While You're At It

A historically worldwide known fact is, that men who engage with women who are skilled at cookery are often happiest; not only in their stomachs but in their desire for the woman who reminds of them of their own mothers most. It should be noted that men, naturally have a distinct weak spot for their mothers as these were after all, the initial women in their lives who loved them, and cared for them, which is a priority set at the top of their list when seeking ladies to share their lives with, unsurprisingly. Hence, while you're practically the key to his stomach, you can additionally instruct him to master these skills himself, consequently falling into the same category as learning to challenge him mind wise and causing him to yearn for your guidance which will, at the end of the day, deposit a positive influence on his manliness in general.

Be Witty, Laughter Is The Best Medicine, As The Saying Goes

It might sound absurd to one's ear, but as women are determined to find amusing men who will maintain them entertained all night, so are men. Shockingly, even more so. It is an underestimated fact that men happen to seek for women who know how to express themselves utterly, without shame, and with complete self reliance. Men are more or less, looking for the woman who will justify the unjustified and utilize their gifted potential of humor fully. Sincerely, there is a certain possession a woman carries when she allows her inner wit to shine, especially when she's the spotlight of the room. For a man, there is nothing more pleasing than to be aware of his lady's sharpened sarcasm and sheer hilarity as it reflects a massive amount of fun and entertainment in the coming days.

Be Willing To Meet His Friends

So, the longer a man has been dating his partner, the more keen he is for her to eventually meet his fellow friends, whether they be colleagues or people he knew and grew up with for most of his life. Instinctively, it is his duty to make you familiar with his best buddies as they are after all, the bearers of all secrets and members of all adventures. Therefore, the faster and more prone you happen to want to get to know important people within his life he spends an ample amount of time with, the quicker he realizes you're willing to learn everything about him which will in turn lead to him wanting to know everything about you that makes you, you. Considering friends are like family, and play a huge role in his day to day life, you'll be surprised to find out the extent to which this important milestone is significant for both you and your man, because it will later on reflect on your attitude and tolerance towards his own family members.

Look Forward To Meeting His Family

The man you choose to share your life with, will almost always be looking forward to the day and time you finally have your first talk with his parents, his siblings and even getting to know his pets for the first time ever. It's crucial to keep in mind that, albeit the stereotype of partners not necessarily getting along with each other's families, this valuable step is different and varies drastically depending on the people involved, starting with you. You will get the chance to familiarize yourself with the man and woman who made your man into the unbelievable being you met and know, and you only get the chance to leave a positive impression once. Of course, and undoubtedly his parents will be more than welcoming and will be signifying a familiar family environment as they appreciate their son and his choice, an environment in which you'll soon learn to enjoy and want to be a part of the more you get to familiarize yourself with the people involved.

Support His Career

Men are, and always have been slightly obsessive when it comes to building their business empire. They view the field as an incomplete mission that needs to be maneuvered and altered with so that the appropriate standards are met. They are wired to alter a specific feature, or perhaps even the whole job description given that they're not satisfied and it is during those moments, the most crucial times they require a female figure in their lives who may not just support them through the hustle and bustle but also aid them approach the situation wisely and accordingly, leading to a mutually assembled work field that's there to remain as a symbol of cooperation and understanding.

Support Him Emotionally

The male species is often painted as individuals with no real emotion, thanks to continuous media assumptions and false perceptions meant to impose gender division as a whole. According to the general population, mean are deprived of sensing, crying out real tears or even voicing or expressing their honest opinion on matters in fear of being judged for their inability to "man up". In the already harshly, unwritten rules men have to abide by in their daily lives, a woman who isn't willing or is unable to provide mental and emotional support to her man when he needs it most, is a woman who's unable to indicate sufficient nurture and guidance to him. Thus, by being an active listener to most of men's dilemmas that bother them significantly, women help stabilize men in a sense that, they acknowledge they have someone to confess their struggles to and who is more than willing to listen and respond to accordingly.

Travel With Him And Explore The World

Who doesn't love a great adventure? Especially when it means you get to spend it with your significant other and allow yourselves to get lost in the depths of the world, whilst familiarizing yourselves with new cultures, ideologies, perspectives and overall experience you mutually happen to enjoy beyond your given knowledge. Travelling is an excellent source of both people in a relationship to come to an agreement and ultimately get a sense of what it's like to wander around the world with the other person holding their hand, without a single fear in the world at that precise moment. That's quite the unbelievable. Speaking for men, who happen to be natural wanderers who adore the outdoors and would do anything to get their women to experience that specific sunset by the beach in a cozy, late afternoon whilst gaining reassurance from her that she can't think of anyone better to spend those times with than him is essentially grabbing his heart and claiming it hers.

Be His Best Friend

Ultimately, what every man searches for in a woman is a lady who will represent the female version of him and love him for every aspect that characterizes him. Being best friends indicates that the two, already having shared romantic feelings for each other, are comfortable enough to be in their own skin when around them and feel as if they complete each other the way best friends do. Precisely, this will mean, sharing everything and anything that comes to mind, honesty and at times, innocent criticism with the sole intent of enhancing their partner. The woman plays a rather huge role in this one. She will be responsible of never breaking her man's trust, always respecting his wishes and intending to spend every memorable minute with him at her own will. You, as a woman, will have the sole task of improving your partner into not only a better man, but a better individual who will in return support you and provide you the same benefits coming straight from his heart.


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    • Mary Florence profile image

      Mary Florence 

      12 months ago

      Those are nice tips. Except for me to be his best friend. I would love that. Everyone desires to be the partner's best friend but there's nothing that can be done about that, it's beyond our powers, that's his choice. That's why some people are in relationships and marriages but still have a best friend on the side whom they confide in, trust and even like more than the people they are with. I can make myself likeable and loveable but it's up to him to decide if I am good enough to be his bestfriend. Very unfortunate.


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