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Learning to Forgive Others

Updated on August 29, 2011

Many religions agree that forgivess is a virtue. In Christianity, Jesus acted as a symbol for forgivess. He said this before he died, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!" Some people find it hard to forgive while others don't.

People find it hard to forgive because:

1) They are reluctant to let go of thier anger. They hold a grudge because thier ego's are inflated. They want to gain control and have power. Usually, thier insistance on thier anger causes them to feel low. This can even cause physical sickness such as headaches, high blood pressure, stomache aches etc.

2) They feel justified by thier anger. They feel that the offender deserves punishment.

3) They want vengeance. They feel that the offenders should be harmed as they have been harmed.

4) The offenders haven't apologized. They feel justified in thier anger because the other person did not feel acknowledge thier own wrong doing.

5) They feel that the offenders are cold hearted and not capable of any good. At that moment, they feel the offender is evil and harmful to them.

Understanding Forgiveness

To learn to forgive, we must understand that all human beings are not perfect. Everyone has imperfections. Even the Pope and the President have some flaws.

The person who harmed us doesn't really want us to suffer or feel harm. The offender still has some capacity for good. There is no human being on this planet that is 100% evil.

Forgiving others will ultimately free ourselves. We must build compassion and learn to supress our egos.

Benefits of Forgiveness

Forgiveness will give us the opportunity to break the cycle of violence. It will allow peace to be restored. We must recognize the fact that all people originally desire to become happy.

Forgivess will not only benefit you, but ultimately may have the power to transform the life of the person you're forgiving. You are making yourself happy as well as the offender. You are setting yourself free and spreading peace.

Forgivness releases our souls from bondage that un-forgiveness brings us under.Your soul is in bondage because of all the hate, anger, and bitterness you have held inside.


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    • earth angel Susan profile image

      earth angel Susan 5 years ago from Central Flordia

      Well spoken, Light Ray! Years ago I had a friend who had done me wrong over and over and I just kept forgiving them. One day I asked my preacher how many times I should forgive my friend before giving up on them. His reply was, "How many times has God forgiven you?"