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Learning to Survive Long Distance Relationships

Updated on September 6, 2016
Can You Survive a Long Distance Relationship?
Can You Survive a Long Distance Relationship?

Whether you have been in a committed relationship for weeks or years, if there comes a time where the two of you have to be separated by distance it doesn’t mean that relationship has to end. Things happen in everyone’s life that can cause them to have to relocate to a new city or state. The problem with a long distance relationship is that you have heard the stories of friends or family who just were never able to make it work. Because most people can not sustain a long distance relationship the stigma is that it simply is impossible.

Quotes About Long Distance Relationships

I can tell you from experience if you are committed to making it work and you put in the effort, you can definitely continue the relationship and actually make it grow stronger. You have to really understand what is about to happen and you have to be focused on the final outcome of this entire process. I have been in two long distance relationships in my life and the first one I made all the mistakes that most couples make, and the end result was we lost touch with each other.

Can You Survive a Long Distance Relationship?


I learned a great amount from that first relationship and used it several years later when my partner had to relocate back to San Francisco for his work. It was only supposed to be a year and then he was coming back, so rather than move from Miami to California, we both decided to give a go at a long distance relationship. I learned many things during that first year that really changed the way I look at people who have to endure that type of situation for that amount of time.

The one thing I did take away however is if you two are meant to be together, you will not let ten miles or ten thousand miles be the reason you lose each other. If you were meant to be together you are going to find creative ways to keep that love alive until one day you to can spend your life together.

Trust in Your Long Distance Relationship

Trust in Your Long Distance Relationship
Trust in Your Long Distance Relationship | Source

Being Creative in Your Long Distance Relationship

Being Creative in Your Long Distance Relationship
Being Creative in Your Long Distance Relationship | Source

I have to laugh each time I hear someone say that their relationship is over BECAUSE they are going to be separated by distance. That is the way many people of this country are brainwashed into believing, so they simply are resigned to the fact and don’t even give it their full effort. It saddens me that many people who spend so much time looking for the perfect partner will simply let them slip away because of any type of distance. Usually when someone says to me that the don’t think there is any way possible a couple can survive a long distance relationship, I simply tell them the same thing I am going to tell you.

If it is impossible for these types of relationship to endure, how do military husbands and wives make those relationships work? Not only is that a long distance relationship, it is more difficult than anything you will ever experience in your life. If you two were only separated by distance, you can communicate in one of several different ways each day. Mobile devices allow you to bring that person in your bedroom any time you like. Military relationships don’t have that luxury. They get to talk to each other when the government thinks it is safe, and they may go days or weeks without a single word. Somehow they make it work and so can you.

Long Distance Relationships

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There are hundreds of thousands of military families right now making a long distance relationship work. They aren’t all married couples either, they may be lovers of only a few weeks who fell in love and want to stay together. If you are going to be in a long distance relationship and are fearful that the end is near, fear not because I am here to help you get through this. I am going to help you with techniques I personally used when I was separated for over a year from my lover.

The longest long distance relationship I have personal knowledge of is a friend of mine who made it four long years without each other and then finally moved in together here in Miami this year. I am telling you that if they can make it, you two can make it. Don’t throw away a relationship just because 99% of the people in your inner circle say it is impossible for it to work.

Do You Have Any Long Distance Relationship Tips?

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  • DaytonaWatterson profile image

    Daytona Watterson 15 months ago from South Florida

    I just created a new video about surviving long distance relationships at Let me know what you think guys!!!

  • Jackie Lynnley profile image

    Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

    I think some separation may be great for love! Absence does make the heart grow fonder. I remember when my husband was in service...well...we don't have any reunions like that today. lol

  • Barbara Smiles profile image

    Barbara Smiles 2 years ago from Gateshead, UK

    I agree that if you're meant to be together - you will find a way to make it work.

    However I also think that, for me anyway, there would have to be a timescale, say a year or so, before an agreement to relocate for some-one.

    But I suppose this depends on the circumstances - as you say, military personnel don't always have that option.

    Interesting hub

    Thanks for sharing

  • DaytonaWatterson profile image

    Daytona Watterson 2 years ago from South Florida

    Thanks Dwight,

    Miami isn't that far of a hike fro Jamaica. Let me know when your coming and we can talk over a frozen margarita. ;)

  • Dwight Phoenix profile image

    Dwight Phoenix 2 years ago from Jamaica

    Really interesting and quite informative. You really seem to be a master of your craft. Next time when I decide to have a relationship with a young lady whose abode is outside of Jamaica, I'll ask for your advice. (LOL)

    Nice hub...

  • dashingscorpio profile image

    dashingscorpio 2 years ago

    One must define what is "making a long distance relationship work." Do you mean it leads to a marriage or is it just a certain amount of time as in a year, two years, or three years...etc?

    Long distance relationships were meant to be temporary. The goal is to be with the person you love! Yes we can stay in contact via cell phone, social media, email, snail mail Skype and make the occasional visit.

    However at some point someone has to make a move. A long distance relationship without “a light at the end of the tunnel” is likely to fail. It’s the counting down the months, weeks, and days until you are finally done with the inconvenience of being in a long distance relationship that keeps it strong!

    The only reason for being in a long distance relationship is the belief he or she might be “the one”. If you’re just passing the time with someone you might as well do that locally. One man's opinion!:)